6th MAPFest 2014 is back in Melaka – Cerita Pendek 1

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When the walls of St. Paul’s Church of Melaka are illuminated on the evening during this period of the year, Melaka Art & Performance Festival (MAPFest) is returning to town. One of the the program, Cerita Pendek is held on the first and second evening of the three-day festival on the hill of St. Paul’s Church.

I wouldn’t want to miss this one of the greatest events held in Melaka in which many international artists from over ten countries are here to perform in this little world heritage town. So after a portrait session in the afternoon, I managed to rush to the venue for the evening’s program, Cerita Pendek and captured some shots before the battery of camera ran dead 15 minutes after the show began.

Without having to shoot, I relaxed and enjoyed the whole evening of two hours of great dances, song and sound, performing arts and choreography. A big thanks to the wonderful evening to the organizing committees, helpers and artists from over the world for making it happen this evening.

Tomorrow will be the another session of Cerita Pendek in evening by the other artists, and do not miss the other programs in the morning and afternoon. A full program booklet can be obtained here. Fellow Malaccans and guests to Melaka, hope to see you tomorrow and Sunday.

Here are some flashback of 2012’s MAPFest. May all bEE happy. 🙂


6th MAPFest 2014 – Cerita Pendek 1


first performance of the evening by Meredith Elton


‘dead body’ of Alan Schacher on his performance, I could still remember his fantastic performance with Wei-Zen Ho on MAPFest 2012


the artists of the evening’s performing arts saying good night to the audiences 🙂

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