6th MAPFest 2014 – day 3

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It was the last day of the MAPFest took place last Sunday in which about 70 local and international artists came to Melaka and performed on the streets and its famous historical sites such as St. Paul Church and Stadthuys. The festival draws inspiration to this little town, creates spaces for culture and art.

Having some free time on Sunday noon, I made a trip to the venue. Arriving at the landing site of St. Paul’s Hill, the second GAIP (General Assembly of Interested Parties) performance with the collaboration of the artists was going on. After the performance was going on, I continued to explore the notion of ascent around the sites and discovered another performance at the site of A’ Farmosa, which the artists seemed like dreamers obsessed with love and desire, being hynotized then moving their way up to the top of the hill and continued under the big tree next to the old church.

Straight after that, there was a last GAIP performance at the same site. GAIP performances are collaboration of artists in a so-called broader social performance, it’s very interesting, as stated in the program booklet, “...each participant is ready, willing, able and stimulated, by bringing an attitude and practice of generosity in the facilitation of an individual or collective catharsis/libration/moment of transcendence……there is no expectation of formality within performers relationships, just mutual respect and responsibility”.

It is wet season in Malaysia at this time of the year. The evening was heavy down pour and fortunately it stopped before the grand finale, a large scale performance ‘Eulogy for the Living’ by most artists. Yet the ground was wet, the artists continued the performance on the wet gravel path, even sitting and dancing on it. The last performance was directed by Malaysian born artist, Tony Yap, also founding creative director of MAPFest. We eulogized that evening.

I enjoyed the visual and sound on the three-day festival. Thanks again to the organising committees, helpers, artists and sponsors for the great event held here and continue the effort every year. It was not only attracting visitors to Melaka for its heritage, but making our town a creative hub for innovative arts, and giving us an opportunity to meeting new friends. So let’s wait for the next MAPFest in 2015!

Some snaps during the last day. May all bEE happy.

6th MAPFest 2014 – day 3

the second GAIP (General Assembly of Interested Parties) performance

from left Elnaz Sheshgelani and Gita Kinanthi at MAPFest 2014

an installation art at the landing site of St. Paul’s Hill

third GAIP performance near A’ Farmosa Fort

Felix Ho at MAPFest 2014

local artist Lee Kien Fei at MAPFest 2014

grand finale of MAPFest 2014, ‘Eulogy for the Living’

AñA Wojak at the MAPFest 2014

projection on the wall next to the open grave of Xavier’s burial

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