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Last Day at the first McDonald’s in Melaka

Last day at the first McD in Melaka, McD Fajar

Last day at the first McD in Melaka, McD Fajar

Malaccans from the 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s or even earlier would know this McD which was the the first in Melaka located inside Soon Seng Plaza (formerly known as Fajar). Today it was the last day of its operation.

We managed to drop by today and had a dinner before it ceased its operation today. We recalled all the good times we had with our family and friends over there back in the 80s and 90s. It was the McD we celebrated various occasions such as birthday, and friends and family gathering during our childhood.

Thank you again for serving us for so many years. We will miss this place. 🙂

MCD-Fajar-Melaka (2)

MCD-Fajar-Melaka (3)

MCD-Fajar-Melaka (4)

MCD-Fajar-Melaka (5)

MCD-Fajar-Melaka (6)

MCD-Fajar-Melaka (7)

MCD-Fajar-Melaka (8)

MCD-Fajar-Melaka (9)

Melaka after haze

Beautiful sky of Melaka River after weeks of severe haze (iPhonegraphy)

Beautiful sky of Melaka River after weeks of severe haze (iPhonegraphy)

What a day with clear sky and fine weather! Blue sky covered with thick clouds was seen again this afternoon after weeks of severe haze condition in Melaka.

May all bEE happy! 🙂

Nyonya Memoirs – experience the first live environmental play in Melaka

Nyonya Memoirs - first live environmental Peranakan show in Melaka (iPhonegraphy)

Nyonya Memoirs – first live environmental Peranakan show in Melaka (iPhonegraphy)

It caught my attention when the ad in the mall stated it to be the first 360° musical show, not only in Melaka but Malaysia’s. The show is the product by the familiar Malaysian film director, James Lee whom I admire of the short films he directed (read about his introduction of this play in his Facebook too). 

Last week I got an entry ticket from my friend and invited to see, I would say ‘participate’ in this show happening in Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. The musical show is about the love story of the young couple, a poor Baba and tailor ‘Zhang Min’ and a pretty Nyonya ‘Bao Zhu’ from a wealthy family, set scene to the 20s of Melaka, yet something different than the usual musical show or play I had been.

When I entered the show, I realized everyone was standing. There was no seating arranged for the guests. It was a garden-like open area with a narrator in the center doing the talk while the other actors and actresses wearing of the 20s Baba and Nyonya, and some Chinese costumes and danced around us.

The stage was in fact around us. Shops like photo shop, tailor, sundry shop, street food stalls, fortune teller booth from the 20s of previous century were setup as of the street of Melaka. After the introduction, we could visit each stall or shop and interact with the actors and actresses, behaved and talked like they were in the 20s.

The play then continued. The use of lighting, actors and actresses would directly or indirectly guide us to the spot where the play progressed. There were spots decorated like the interior of a Baba and Nyonya house, including a main hall, backyard, dining area, kitchen and bedroom (what is showing on the picture above was a feast setup, called Tok Panjang in dining hall).

The story took place in all area of the theater, so-called 360° setup, and involved the participation of the audiences. Such as in a scene when the main actor ‘Zhang Min’ was in dilemma of proposing to ‘Bao Zhu’ whom he admired, he seek the help from the audience for advise. A guest from Klang was sporting and was invited to the front and taught ‘Zhang Min’ how to propose. In addition to that, the guest’s wife was too invited to the front and the guest demonstrated proposal to his wife by kneeing and said the magic words. Everyone laughed.

There was also a scene when a kid from the audience was requested by a messenger of ‘Bao Zhu’ to pass a letter to ‘Zhang Min’. The kid was requested to walk and deliver the letter to the tailor’s shop of ‘Zhang Min’. He did so and ‘Zhang Min’ then replied the letter by passing it to another elderly from the audience and requested the elderly to deliver a letter back to ‘Bao Zhu’. Of course, the elderly was intercepted by the evil family members of ‘Bao Zhu’ before he could decide what to do with the letter in his hands.

It was a happy ending for sure, and the final scene was a traditional Baba and Nyonya wedding ceremony of ‘Zhang Min’ & ‘Bao Zhu’. It took place outside the theater. A lovers’ bridge was setup in the shopping mall for the scene, which drew the attention of many shoppers too, and joined in the play. They missed the front part in the theater anyway 🙂

The dances and songs during the play were definitely outstanding. I enjoyed very much. The actors, actresses and the back-end people were putting a lot of effort for the show and doing a splendid job. The show itself is a fresh experience to me and beyond my expectation. I would recommend to all friends whether you are from Melaka or visitors here, to enjoy such a wonderful play, at the same time, understand more about the Baba and Nyonya culture of Melaka.

A few things to note about this show. It is conducted in Mandarin and some Bahasa language. English translation however, is displayed on the many TVs hanging at the walls of the theater.

It’s good to have your camera with you because you are alright to snap photos with the actors, actresses and the setup. However, please do not fire the flash during the play 🙂

The show is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the 3rd floor Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall (of the GSC cinema’s block), and it’s only until mid of July. So don’t miss it, grab your ticket and join the fun!

May all bEE happy 🙂


Sunset at Taman Kota Laksamana’s beach

Couple sighted under the sunset at the beach of Taman Kota Laksamana (iPhonegraphy)

Couple sighted under the sunset at the beach of Taman Kota Laksamana (iPhonegraphy)

Gorgeous sunset near the beach of Taman Kota Laksamana, where couples always here and immerse themselves in romance by the sea breeze.

The setting reminded me of the song “Two Less Lonely People in the World” by Air Supply.

May all bEE happy 🙂

Back lane’s cafe of Melaka, Backlane Coffee

Rear entrance of Backlane Coffee at Jonker Street Melaka (iPadgraphy)

Rear entrance of Backlane Coffee at Jonker Street Melaka (iPadgraphy)

Backlane Coffee is a new coffee place in town recommended by my good friends Eric & Yan. As its name suggests, the cafe is located on rear part of an old building near the stage of Jonker Street where there is a rear entrance access from the back lane between Jonker Street and Hereen Street.

After a few visits, when Singaporean couple Daryl & Su Ann approached us for prewedding portrait in Melaka, we brought them to Backlane Coffee for a short break, relaxed and chilled ourselves in this place full of DIY items and old-fashioned vintage decorations, and filled with aroma of coffee and freshly baked desserts. The place reminded me of the cafe back in Melbourne.

With the consent of the sweet lady boss Shu Lin, we took some portrait with the couple near the large windows of the cafe facing the back lane. Shu Lin told us, we were the first to do portrait over there 😉

If you visit this place, don’t forgot to try the tea in menu besides the good coffee, they too offer variety of sweet homemade macaroons and cakes. Recently some light meals were added to the menu, which I haven’t had a chance to try but I will.

We’d love to share this album from Facebook, of the bridal portrait with Daryl & Su Ann.

May all bEE happy 🙂

Hazy Melaka

Hazy Melaka - view from the Shore (iPhonegraphy)

Hazy Melaka – view from The Shore (iPhonegraphy)

A nice aerial view of Malaka River and Jalan Munshi Abdullah snapped from highest floor of The Shore Melaka on its opening day. Melaka was covered in haze during the week.

Have a lovely day. May all beings bEE happy. 🙂