The Desert of Melaka – Padang Pasir Klebang with iPhone

One of recent and new tourist spots in Melaka is the sand dune in Klebang. It is near to the Dataran 1Malaysia Klebang. Ironically being a Malaccan, I came across this place 4 years ago from a non-Malaccan friend who came to visit to Melaka. Back then, many locals didn’t know about this place. These days, in every morning and evening, many locals and tourists are here to visit the sand dune and take photos as if they are in the Gobi or Sahara. Thus the place is also known as ‘the desert’. In April, I started evening walk for two weeks to prepare for my backpacking journey to India and Nepal in May. I walked to the desert on every evening, explored not only the sand dune, but the area nearby. To reach the desert, it takes a 30 to 45 minutes walk to the desert from the barriers, which stop the cars to enter the desert. During my walk, I captured some photos with the only camera I had with me, the iPhone. Sharing some shots taken with iPhone and post-processed with iOS apps.

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