I am Fei Fei. I am 8. I was a stray puppy…

My name is Fei Fei. I was a stray puppy.
My name is Fei Fei. I was a stray puppy.

‘My name is Fei Fei. I am 8.’

‘I was a stray puppy until I came into CJ’s family. They now have a family and a furry daughter like me.’

‘When I am free, I love to run and swim in the stream nearby. I think slippers are nice to chew.’

‘Cats in the family are my friends. I love more of their dry food than my own food. I’ve stopped many fights between my friends with others.’

‘I love human. Sometimes they can be unpredictable yet they are very obedient. When I sit, they will give me their hand and say, ‘hand’. In return, I give them a good hand shake.’

‘I can be fierce sometimes when I see strangers in the neighborhood. I saved my mom once for being robbed at the house. I too alarmed the neighbors when someone tried to break in their cars.’

‘Because of me, my family no longer feel lonely. Because of me, they feel safe and loved. Because of me, they have new pairs of slipper always.’

‘There are many me on the streets. Please bring them home with compassion, they will lovEE you and become your good friends and family.’ 🙂

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