juesatta awakening foundation (draft logo)

juesatta awakening foundation (draft logo)

Juesatta Awakening Foundation is a foundation which we wish to setup with the purpose to help others who are less unfortunate than us. People suffering from diseases, natural disasters and accidents who require attention of the society. Besides, we would like to raise awareness of global warming, which is probably caused by human influence. It is a serious issue causes problem to the environment we live on and also the habitat of other beings.

There is an inner goodness in every mankind’s heart. Thus through this foundation, we hope this site, the articles, the artwork, and every story told here are able to change or awaken the kindness and compassion of many others.

All the donation collected will be donated to charity organisations including SPCA, Salvation Army, orphanage, old-folk home etc. And the account for this foundation is transparent and available from this site.

As this foundation is at its beginning stage, we would encourage people to donate money or items to the charity organisations directly until this foundation is well established.

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