Night of Pantai Pengkalan Balak

By July 27, 2010Beautiful Melaka, Photography
Kok-Liang on the phone with Tracy at Pantai Pengkalan Balak

Kok-Liang on the phone with Tracy at Pantai Pengkalan Balak

When I told Kok-Liang that I was looking for a nice beach to shoot beautiful sunset last Sunday, he suggested me to travel to the north of Melaka and made me a generous offer by giving me a ride. Initially we checked the time, weather, tide and everything was good. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances (Wee-Peng), we could not make it in time for the sunset.

Nevertheless, Kok-Liang insisted that we could check the place up first. The both of us traveled all the way north to Masjid Tanah town, made a turn to Tanjung Bidara and headed further north to Pengkalan Balak, and it took us 40 minutes drive from Melaka to arrive in Pantai Pengkalan Lama (pantai in Malay means beach), which was night time when we reached.

Pantai Pengkalan Balak is a Malay fishing village located between Melaka town and Port Dickson. It is 10 minutes drive from another famous beach, Tanjung Bidara which shares the magnificent sweep of the state’s coastline. Along the beach, there are many chalets built providing overnight shelters for locals as well as foreigners.

We didn’t spend much time there as it was too dark to find a good spot for future sunset shooting. After taking a short walk along the beach and enjoyed the night scenery of the fishing village, we traveled back to Melaka town. Thanks to Kok-Liang for taking me there and Pantai Pengkalan Balak would be a good spot to plan for my next sunset shooting.

Sharing some shots taken. May all beings be happy.

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  • unforeseen circumstances says:

    SC & KL, real sorry for making all the troubles and causing you all not able to catch the sunset after travelling for so far to there. Many unexpected things happened that day, but too bad, the last “thing” did not happen. If it were to come true, am I suppose to be there with you all? 🙂

  • cj says:

    would you mind to explain? hehe

    have a nice day 🙂

  • unforeseen circumstances says:

    For me to know, for you to find out! 🙂

    May you happy always! ^~^

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