Original Sarawak Laksa by Fred’s Mama in Melaka

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Homemade Sarawak Laksa in Melaka (top right : Fred's mom)

Homemade Sarawak Laksa in Melaka (top right : Fred’s mom)

After celebrated the wedding of Fred & Renee back in May, they then invited to their house for a dinner as an appreciation dinner in helping of their wedding.

Just a bit about Fred. He is from Kuching (which also known as the Cat City), the capital city of Sarawak state. He then came to Melaka and did his uni degree in MMU Melaka. That was when he fell in love with Renee, a sweet Malaccan girl.

After graduated Fred remains in Melaka and works as engineer in Melaka. Fred is also a enthusiastic photographer, we knew him during a photography gathering about six years back. As we continue to grow in our passion in photography, taking part in activities together, we then became good friends, and were chosen to be his groomsmen on his wedding.

Early this month after his wedding, Fred invited us to his house for dinner. A dinner we always wished for – with Sarawak Laksa. Originally from Kuching!

Fred’s mom moved from Kuching to Melaka early this year. She brought packets of original Sarawak Laksa paste from Kuching and keeping them fresh in fridge.

We were so lucky. When we reached Fred’s house, we could smell the scent of spices from the laksa Fred’s mom had cooked. It made us mouth-watery. The ingredients were already on the table with the laksa soup ready in the pot. Fred then taught us how to mix and prepare bowls of laksa.

Needless to say, the Fred’s mama’s Sarawak Laksa was really good, different from our Nyonya Laksa or the Penang Laksa we had before, but was tasty. What makes it unique is the paste, belacan definitely plays a big role in it. Fred told me that the paste only produced by a few companies in Sarawak. Its ingredients thus remain a myth.

Thank you Fred & Renee again for inviting us! And we would like to give a big hug and big thank you to Fred’s mom for her hard work in preparing the yummy laksa for us. Would definitely love to eat again 🙂

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