Otsukaresama deshita, Izakaya Kushi Masa

By October 28, 2017Beautiful Melaka

Izakaya Kushi Masa in Melaka, closing down this month (iPhonegraphy)

Otsukaresama deshita (お疲れ様でした) is Japanese expression of appreciation of one’s hard work. In this case we thank the Japanese owner and also chef Mr. Yanai and his crew from Izakaya Kushi Masa Japanese restaurant (串政居酒屋) for their years in Melaka serving delicious Japanase cuisine.

The restaurant in Plaza Mahkota Melaka is probably one of the Japanese restaurants in Melaka who has the most Japanese customers, mostly those who work in Melaka or visit to Melaka. Mr. Yanai makes delicious Japanese meals especially the BBQ, considered to be having authentic Japanese taste which attracts the Japanese in Melaka and even the locals.

Unfortunately Mr. Yanai has decided to cease the business by this month (October 2017). When asked about where would he go then, Mr. Yanai then laughed and told me that he is bachelor therefore can go anywhere he wants to. He refused to comment whether he would return to Melaka again.

We are so gonna miss his cooking especially the BBQ leeks, bacon with cheese, curry rice, and so much more. Thanks again Mr. Yanai and his crew for serving authentic Japanese cuisine in Melaka all these years. Best wishes to him and hope that he would return to Melaka again.

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