Donation for Bangkok flood crisis

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juesatta awaken foundation (draft logo)

juesatta awaken foundation (draft logo)

Major flooding has occurred in Thailand during the 2011 monsoon season, most severely in the Chao Phraya River but also in the Mekong River basin. The country’s worst flooding in half a century have killed over 300 people, affected over 2.3 million people, and caused damages estimated to be up to $5.1 billion.

Raw sewage and animal carcasses can be seen bobbing in waters ripe for disease. In some areas, crocodiles have escaped from overwhelmed farms, and snakes searching for dry land have slithered into homes. Twenty percent of Bangkok is now under water yet many people choose to stay in their inundated homes, despite risks including electrocution and disease as well as shortages of food and drinking water.

People in Bangkok now require a huge amount of support to provide relief and recovery efforts. Each and every cent makes a difference. If you wish to send donations to help fund the relief effort in Bangkok, you can do online via Thai Red Cross Society.

Here in juesatta, we’ve collected an amount of RM750.00 from friends and transferred to Yayasan Sin Chew taking aids to help flood victims. Our heartfelt thanks for your kindness.

May all beings be happy.

A main road is cut off by the flooding in Bangkok (photo from

A main road is cut off by the flooding in Bangkok (photo from

Local residents evacuate their neighbourhood in Bangkok (photo from

Local residents evacuate their neighbourhood in Bangkok (photo from

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Mandy + Daniel = wedding reception

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mandy + deniel wedding reception

mandy + deniel wedding reception

I received an invitation from my old friends, Deniel and Mandy to attend their wedding dinner last month. The fantastic and wild wedding reception of Mandy and Daniel was held at the Lu Yeh Yuan Restaurant, one of the biggest restaurants in Melaka.

Deniel and I were secondary school classmates and we used to hang out at Deniel’s cyber cafe and snooker center during the old days. Then I got to know Mandy when Deniel started to date her about 8 years back. Those are amazing couples and have finally tied the knot.

I too met many old friends the Franciscans that night. Most of us didn’t get to meet each other after our secondary school when everybody off our own way to tertiary study. This dinner however had made us reunion, came and gathered together and brought back all the memories of the old days.

Iu-Lung the young and talented photographer was there as the official photographer of the reception. I brought my gears and it was intended to take a few shots of my old friends. However, being a photographer myself, it has already become a practice and I started to go around and photographed the reception with Iu-Lung.

The night was simply fun. Everybody had a good time laughing and drinking as much as we could.

Congratulation to Mandy and Deniel on your marriage! Wishing you a wonderful journey as you build your new life together.

Below are some images I took. May all beings be happy.

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凡有意捐款的读者,可將支票(抬头志明:Yayasan Sin Chew)连同捐款表格,邮寄至19,Jalan Semangat,46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.並注明:星洲日报基金会(人道救援东南亚洪灾)。

此外,读者也可把善款匯入RHB A/C No:2-12479-00043019,之后请將匯款单或银行转账单,连同捐款表格传真、电邮或邮寄至星洲日报基金会。捐款表格请见今日星洲日报全国版。或者於週一至週六(9am-5pm)前往星洲日报总社或各大办事处捐款。


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遭遇水劫不忘施恩行善。泰国一户人家Ratanasunya Teerachat在居住的受灾区提供食物賑济灾民,为灾民带来一丝暖意。(图:法新社)

遭遇水劫不忘施恩行善。泰国一户人家Ratanasunya Teerachat在居住的受灾区提供食物賑济灾民,为灾民带来一丝暖意。(图:法新社)












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Death toll rises to 217 after massive earthquake in Turkey

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The quake caused several buildings in Ercis to collapse, trapping an unknown number of citizens in the debris.

The quake caused several buildings in Ercis to collapse, trapping an unknown number of citizens in the debris.

Istanbul, Turkey (CNN) — Battling near-freezing temperatures and darkness, rescue workers and residents in eastern Turkey early Monday scoured the wreckage wrought by the country’s most-powerful earthquake in more than a decade, hoping to find survivors.

They used flashlights, shovels, heavy machinery and their hands to lift the debris, and climbed over collapsed buildings in search of victims.

At least 217 people were killed in Sunday’s quake, said Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin, the Anatolian news agency reported Monday. The previous official toll was 138.

Another 350 people were injured in the quake, which the U.S. Geological Survey said had a magnitude of 7.2.

Roughly 20 aftershocks rattled eastern Turkey in one of the nation’s poorest areas. The largest had a magnitude of 6.0.

One hundred people were killed in Van, while 117 were killed in Ercis, said Sahin, the Anatolian news agency reported. It also said that schools will be closed for a week in Van.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters the death toll is likely to climb, as rescue teams work through the night to save people still trapped in the rubble.

The prime minister said 55 buildings collapsed in Ercis on the north shore of Lake Van, while the Turkish Red Crescent had said earlier that some 25 apartment buildings and a student dormitory collapsed in the town.

Local rescuers took many wounded people out of the dormitory, a Red Crescent statement said, without saying exactly how many.

A health services building also collapsed, along with part of a hospital, CNN sister network CNN Turk reported. The injured were being treated in the hospital’s garden.

“People are really scared,” said CNN Turk reporter Nevsin Mengu. “The survivors are now trying to survive the cold weather.”

She said many residents are not returning to their houses, but sleeping on rooftops or in the streets. It was not clear whether their homes were uninhabitable, or whether they were just too frightened. Electricity and natural gas were off in most of the city.

Speaking from Van, Mengu said the death toll is almost sure to rise, as rescue teams have not yet reached some of the smaller villages. Trucks carrying medical aid and food were seen driving into Van.

Official rescue efforts were also under way in Ercis, said CNN Turk reporter Sevda Incesu, but residents were conducting efforts of their own. Ambulances were having trouble getting into town because the roads were littered with debris, she said.

Residents of Ercis, Turkey, gather around fires in the aftermath of a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that rocked the city on Sunday.

Residents of Ercis, Turkey, gather around fires in the aftermath of a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that rocked the city on Sunday.

The Red Crescent called for rescue workers, machinery and drinking water. A crisis center was set up by the country’s Health Ministry in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

Health Minister Recep Akdag said an air ambulance and several helicopters would go to the quake zone.

Rescue teams of about 500 people were on the ground, according to the crisis center, and additional aid teams were dispatched from 29 surrounding cities. Medical helicopters were transporting the injured to hospitals in other provinces, the center said.

Two tent hospitals were being set up in Ercis, and two cargo planes were dispatched from the capital carrying medical teams and aid.

A seven-story building collapsed on Kazim Karabekir Street in the city of Van, and more buildings were reduced to rubble the village of Tabanli in Van province, the Anatolian news agency said. It was unknown how many people were trapped.

Prime Minister Erdogan and Health Minister Akdag arrived in the area Sunday, according to the Ministry of Health’s crisis center.

Israel offered Turkey “any help it may require” after the earthquake, Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s office said. Israel and Turkey, once close allies, saw a deterioration in relations in a dispute over an Israeli naval commando raid on the Gaza-bound ship Mavi Marmara, in which nine Turkish activists were killed.

Other nations and organizations offered condolences and assistance to Turkey.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the brave men and women who are working to bring assistance to this stricken region,” U.S. President Barack Obama said in a statement. “We stand shoulder to shoulder with our Turkish ally at this difficult time, and are ready to assist the Turkish authorities.” U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a similar statement.

A spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry said the country, while grateful for offers of aid, is prepared to handle the disaster on its own.

Turkey is “no stranger to having these seismic events,” but Sunday’s quake is considered major, CNN Meteorologist Reynolds Wolf reported.

A magnitude 7.6 earthquake in Izmit, Turkey, killed more than 17,000 people in 1999, according to the USGS. A magnitude 7.2 tremor in Duzce the same year killed 894 people, the USGS reported.

Sunday’s major quake hit at 1:41 p.m. local time.

It took place about 12 miles from Van, the USGS said.

The USGS reported a depth of 4.5 miles, or 7.2 kilometers; the center in Turkey said the quake was about 3 miles, or 5 kilometers, deep.

CNN’s Guy Azriel, Talia Kayali and Hande Atay contributed to this report.

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Aquaria KLCC with parents and aunt Peggy

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On the last day of September, I spent a wonderful time to the Aquaria KLCC with my parents and aunt Peggy. It had been ages since I last went for a trip with parents so it made this trip so much fun and memorable.

In the morning, we traveled north from Melaka reached our destination, Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon. The Aquaria KLCC is in KLCC certainly. It is a decent size, seemed very clean and well run aquarium. It costs us (for Malaysian citizen) RM35 per adult and RM25 for senior citizen.

The entrance of the aquarium is at upper level and we were first greeted by the furious piranhas. There was a touch pool just next to the piranhas’ tank where we could touch and feel the crabs, starfish and gentle bamboo shark. We also observed creatures which defend themselves by discharging electricity such as the electric eel, catfish etc. followed by the stream mammals like giant water rat and otter. Then we came to the reptiles, amphibians and insects zone which we saw little crocs, big gecko, colorful yet poisonous frogs, beautiful butterflies’ specimens, venomous spiders etc.

We then walked down the steps to the lower level of the aquarium and first saw a big tube tank ensconces an ancient tree and fishes. This was the section of the fresh water fishes including giant catfishes and huge Arapaimas which live in the nutrient-rich waters of Amazon.

Our tour continued to the 90 meter transparent underwater tunnel. While enjoying the tranquil atmosphere beneath the depths of open water, we walked along the tunnel ‘together’ with Sand Tiger Sharks, eels, giant stingrays, green turtles, and various kinds of schooling fish. We too arrived just in time for the feeding frenzy where scuba divers were in the tank feeding and interacting with the fishes. The show was simply amazing.

Before we exited the aquarium we had the chance to observe the cute little seahorses, mysterious jellyfishes, and beautiful yet sadly endangered corals. More and more coral reefs over the world have been hit by coral bleaching resulting from global warming, when corals lose their color. Soon or later, we will not be able to see beautiful underwater scenery. So it’s our duty to love and care for the environment for a better tomorrow.

Well, the Aquaria KLCC is definitely a worth going place to go in KL especially with family. Before we headed back to Melaka at night, we went to the Look Out Point or also known as Little Genting in Ampang Hill for a dinner with Ah Too and Chin-Sing. The food of the restaurant we picked was OK as in acceptable, however the night scenery of KL was just stunning!

Thanks to my parents, aunt, Ah Too and Chin-Sing for making this trip so unforgetable. I had a really good time and am looking forward for another trip in the near future.

May all beings be happy. Sharing some shots I captured of the trip:

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