Gates is giving away his billions to defeat global poverty

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Hope ... Melinda and Bill visiting a Gates-funded research centre in Mozambique (photo credit: Corbis)

Hope ... Melinda and Bill visiting a Gates-funded research centre in Mozambique (photo credit: Corbis)

For much of his adult life the unremarkable-looking bloke in slacks and sensible woollen jumper opposite me has been the richest man on earth.

Worth an estimated £34billion, William Henry Gates III, as Microsoft founder Bill Gates was christened, could have settled for growing old in limitless luxury.

Now 54, he ranks alongside the Medicis, Romanovs, Rothschilds and Rockefellers as one of history’s wealthiest individuals.

But Gates has no interest in using his billions to launch a dynasty. He is giving away his fortune.

The father-of-three has unleashed his planet-sized brain and the extraordinary dynamism that made Microsoft the all-conquering global software giant to defeat global poverty.

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Outdoor portrait photography – Gina

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Outdoor portrait photography of Gina

Outdoor portrait photography of Gina

Two weeks ago, Kenn-Wai rang me up and invited me to join an outdoor portrait shooting of Gina. She is a Malaccan working as news reporter of a local TV station in Kuala Lumpur. I was happy to join the shooting, hoping to learn about portraiture photography from Kenn-Wai which he is skillful in.

In the 4pm afternoon of Sunday, after meeting up with Kenn-Wai in Pulau Gadong and picked up Gina who staying nearby, we went to some of the good sites with beautiful landscape. Kenn-Wai always knows where to go for fascinating spots especially in Pulau Gadong as where he lives.

First we reached at a vast paddy field and found that the crop was just after harvest. Without the full-grown greenish paddy which we anticipated, we set to look for an alternative site. Kenn-Wai then recalled a corn farm not far from the paddy field. We then drove to the next destination.

When we were lucky to locate the corn farm, the trees appeared in yellow, russet and brown colors. They were pretty much dead, probably due to drought damage or pesticide over-dosage. Thinking that it might be a new experience, we chose to stay and shoot in this brownish corn farm.

Gina in brownish corn farm

Gina in brownish corn farm

The theme was country girl. After having some short chat with Gina, we started our shooting. Gina was requested to enjoy herself and be herself in the sense doing what she would normally do without the presence of others. Gina understood what we wanted and with her experience, she picked up really quickly and was doing very well and natural. Gina gave us her full cooperation which made the shooting progressing.

The sun was setting over the hill and the natural light source was not that sufficient especially when we moved into the trees. Kenn-Wai is good in with flash units and always creates amazing lighting for his shots. After taking some shots however, Kenn-Wai passed his wireless flash unit to me, sacrificed his time and shared with me his knowledge in flash lighting. I really appreciate Kenn-Wai’s kindness and the credit of the last few shots would go to him.

Two hours later we were worn out and thirsty. The shooting was concluded after we had some refreshing coconut drinks nearby. It was really great and fun outing with Kenn-Wai and Gina. Thanks to Kenn-Wai for inviting me and sharing much of his experience and thanks to Gina for giving in her time and being tolerate throughout the whole session.

May all beings be happy. Some shots taken:

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Ni Zhi Dao Wo Zai Deng Ni Ma (妳知道我在等你吗) – by Stephen Tang

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Stephen Tang at Jason's house

Stephen Tang at Jason's house

The song, Ni Zhi Dao Wo Zai Deng Ni Ma (“Do you know I am waiting for you?” in Chinese) is a classic and was a very popular song back in late 80s. This song was originally written and sung by Zhang Hong Liang (张洪量). And it was so popular that many other singers have covered it such as Teresa Teng, Jacky Cheung, Leng Yu, and Anthony Lun.

Last week my friend, Stephen Tang and I went to Jason’s place, and Stephen was attracted to Jason’s piano in the living hall. He told us he could play some songs but we doubted. Stephen said to us that the same thing happened to his partner Pei-Ching; she thought it was a joke.

“Let me practise for 10 minutes and I shall remember how to play.” Stephen said while warming up his fingers and slowly sat by the piano, which he had not played for a decade.

As soon as the melody reached our ears, Stephen touched us as beautifully as he touched the keys of the piano. What further amazed us was he played without the piano scores. Stephen continued to present some songs wonderfully as we requested.

It’s always nice and fun to go for a tea chat with Stephen as he is a funny and straight forward friend. And to prove to Pei-Ching, I recorded Stephen’s play, Ni Zhi Dao Wo Zai Deng Ni Ma.

May all beings be happy.

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A child dies for hunger every 6 seconds

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starvation (image from

starvation (image from

14 September 2010, Rome – FAO and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today said that the number of hungry people in the world remains unacceptably high despite expected recent gains that have pushed the figure below 1 billion.

The new estimate of the number of people who will suffer chronic hunger this year is 925 million — 98 million down from 1.023 billion in 2009.

“But with a child dying every six seconds because of undernourishment related problems, hunger remains the world’s largest tragedy and scandal,” said FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf. “This is absolutely unacceptable.”

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16.9.2010 生日快乐

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16.9.2010 happy birthday

16.9.2010 happy birthday






默祝 生日快乐

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她说, 她每天都在学习如何重新再生活。

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