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[caption id="attachment_3616" align="aligncenter" width="399" caption="AFP/NASA – This NASA artist's concept image shows that the hottest known planet in the Milky Way galaxy "][/caption] WASHINGTON (AFP) – The Hubble space telescope has discovered a planet in our galaxy in the process of being devoured by the star that it orbits, according to a paper published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters. The doomed planet, dubbed WASP-12b, has the highest known surface temperature of any planet in the Milky Way -- around 1,500 degrees Celsius (2,800 degrees Fahrenheit). But it could be enveloped by its own parent star over the next ten million years, the paper's authors have concluded. Using a new instrument called the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph that was installed on Hubble in 2009, the researchers observed how the planet was whipped into an elongated shape by gravitational forces.

[caption id="attachment_3589" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="捐血运动09五月10"][/caption] 爱极乐行动党‧9日捐血运动举办在武吉波浪的BB Bazar旁边举行。很多居民都热情响应这项捐血运动,此区州议员邱培栋也在此活动中感激居民的踊跃参与。 好友Tracy-Tea要去支持这次的捐血活动,相约了Kok-Liang, Sek-Cheh, Wee-Peng与我到武吉波浪的BB Bazar。感谢Tracy、朋友昌栋与热情的居民响应这一次的爱极乐行动党捐血运动。这次的捐血活动反应非常成功!

[caption id="attachment_3507" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Chatuchak weekend market - a boy was doing double "teh tarik""]Chatuchak weekend market - a boy was doing double "teh tarik"[/caption]

Taking a break from all the temples, we decided to do some shopping to the Chatuchak weekend market, the largest market in Thailand. The market is sprawling 35 acres and comprised of more than 15,000 shops stalls. It’s perhaps one of the largest weekend markets in the world too. Though it is not available everyday, Chatuchak weekend market opens on Saturday and Sunday, and it’s believed to attract over 20,000 of visitors each day. Fortunately we had a weekend in Bangkok when we could visit the market.

[caption id="attachment_3519" align="alignright" width="333" caption="AA less fortunate child and his mother at the Chatuchak weekend market"]A less fortunate child and his mother at the Chatuchak weekend market[/caption] Chatuchak weekend market is a shopping paradise! There is a huge range of products including household items, books, trendy clothing, Thai handicrafts, religious artifacts, collectibles, foods, and live animals. We were surprise to see how huge the market is and the varieties of merchandise sold there, nearly everything under the sun. Like a sea of infinite possibilities, we navigated through Chatuchak’s army of stalls and tried not to get ourselves disoriented. Sarcastically, almost all of what we had bought and had seen in our shopping for first few days in Bangkok and Pattaya could be found from the market and at good bargain too. We would prefer to have cheap street food than classy and expensive restaurant’s meal. Hence Chatuchak weekend market would be our best choice to have our lunch. The foods offered are very variety and cheap. Thais are strong-flavor lovers which results their foods or drinks being usually sweeter, and more spicy, sour, and salty than other cuisine, yet delicious. So we started our feeding frenzy there. Within 2 hours, we had a bit of everything including fried chicken, spicy stir fried pork, meat and fish balls, satay, mango sticky rice, pineapple, coconut juice, teh tarik, iced blended coffee, durian ice-cream, snacks and much more. Chatuchak weekend market is one must never missed in Bangkok. It was totally worth our time to discover that its wealth of culture provides for good opportunities to make wonderful finds. The market too attracts a colorful crowd of hawkers, tourists, beggars, street artists which provided me with interesting sights for photo taking:

[caption id="attachment_3504" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Mother Teresa (image from http://trebord.wordpress.com/)"][/caption] "We all long for heaven where God is, but we have it in our power to be in heaven with Him at this very moment. But being happy with him now means: Loving as He loves, Helping as He helps, Giving as He gives, Serving as He serves, Rescuing as He rescues, Being with Him twenty-four hours, Touching Him in his distressing disguise." - Mother Teresa...

Before the event-shooting for the blood donation in Bukit Beruang last Sunday, Cinda invited Wee-Peng and I for a photography outing at the Jonker Street of Melaka in the morning. She needed a photo of "window" topic for the KL photonian's presentation thus asked for our company. We started early in the morning to avoid the hot weather. Walking along Tokong Street, we were looking for inspiration which could bring back the nostalgic old days, especially with the windows of Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and Xiang Lin Temple. At the same, we were also looking for gaps, holes, cracks, and frames which she could use as a form substitution for windows. After the temples at Tokong Street, we moved to Jonker Street and continued our search of the heritage buildings. It would be my first photography outing with Cinda. Thanks to Cinda as I really enjoyed the shooting session and also my morning walk in the heritage town of Melaka with Cinda and Wee-Peng’s company. May everyone be happy. :) Sharing some photos I took that morning:

[caption id="attachment_3467" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="杨玉权在整理环保品时,只能用双手来夹,需要比双手正常的人多费一分心力。(图:星洲日报)"]杨玉权在整理环保品时,只能用双手来夹,需要比双手正常的人多费一分心力。(图:星洲日报)[/caption] “无掌人”夫妇 丈夫杨玉权:出世时双手没有完整的手指和掌心,只是一团肉。 妻子刘佩妮:出世时脑缺氧,造成后天四肢不灵活,说话口齿不清。 (独家报导:刘素君‧怡保)“无掌人”杨玉权没有完整的双手,但有一股坚强的信念,依赖回收环保品打拚赚钱养家,编写出真实版的励志故事。 过去,他所赚到的钱只供自己使用;自从成家后,他就挑起养妻活儿的责任,撑起一头家。 好心人送了一辆客货车给他,他勤劳驾驶这辆客货车去回收环保品,载到好心屋主以低价出租给他当环保品回收站的屋子。 他也当起老板,聘请了数名残障人帮忙他把环保品分类;另有两名义工前来协助他扛抬重物。 有时候,他的“无掌”双手因回收的环保物太骯脏引起皮肤病,变得红肿和有被腐蚀的跡象,但他还是不畏惧,要尽力赚钱做一个好丈夫和好爸爸。