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[caption id="attachment_3252" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="轩妈妈,母亲节快乐!"][/caption] 母亲节是美国法定的全国性节日。在每年5月的第二个星期日举行。母亲过节最早源于古希腊的民间风俗。那时,古希腊人每年春天都要为传说中的众神之母、人类母亲的象征--赛比亚举行盛大的庆祝活动。 母亲节是个充满人间温情的节日,这一天,家里的成员都会把全部家务活都包下来,儿做一件让母亲高兴的事,以尽孝道。即使远在异地的孩子,也要打电话向母亲表示祝贺。

[caption id="attachment_3232" align="aligncenter" width="425" caption="Blood bank (image from http://gemssty.com/)"][/caption] (马六甲)行动党爱极乐选区订於5月9日,举办捐血运动。 // 这项捐血运动將在武吉波浪的BB Bazar旁边举行,时间是早上9时至下午1时。 此区州议员邱培栋在週六(5月1日)早上举行的新闻发佈会上,吁请此区居民热情响应这项捐血运 动。 “5月有母亲节,是一个充满爱心的月份。” 他希望有约百人前往支持这项活动。今日的出席者包括回教堂甲州青年团团长卡玛鲁丁、行动党武吉 波浪支部主席林亚弟和財政徐世德。 Please support: the blood donation held on the 9th of May 2010 (Sunday) from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at the BB Bazar of Bukit Beruang, Melaka. [source: http://mykampung.sinchew.com.my/node/100439?tid=8#] ...

[caption id="attachment_3214" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="From left: Wei-Seong, Boon-Huat, Wee-Peng, and Meng-Hong at the Khao San Road's Songkran Festival of Bangkok"]From left: Wei-Seong, Boon-Huat, Wee-Peng, and Meng-Hong at the Khao San Road's Songkran Festival of Bangkok[/caption] On our arrival in Thailand, we went to the biggest celebration of Songkran Festival in Khao San Road, Bangkok. I didn't bring my camera with me because I was afraid it getting splashed with water. However an email of photos I received from Wee-Peng yesterday, then reminded me that I did take some photos of the Khao San Road's celebration with his camera phone, which carefully wrapped with the shower cap we took from the hotel. More shots after the jump:

[caption id="attachment_3189" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="From left: Meng-Hong, Wei-Seong, Boon-Huat, and Wee-Peng at the European Garden of Nong Nooch Paradise"]From left: Meng-Hong, Wei-Seong, Boon-Huat, and Wee-Peng at the European Garden of Nong Nooch Paradise[/caption] After staying a night in Pattaya, we departed back to Bangkok the next morning. On our way, the tour guide took us to the Nong Nooch Garden, which has a wide variety of gardens inspired from all over the world including traditional Asian tropical gardens, the Cactus Garden to French and Roman gardens. Besides, fascinating Thai culture and traditional dances, and other performances such as religious ceremonies, martial arts and the amazing elephant show – one of the most popular attractions of the garden, are presented daily in the theater within the garden compound. [caption id="attachment_3194" align="alignright" width="333" caption="Wee-Peng vs the mighty elephant"]Wee-Peng vs the mighty elephant[/caption] After 20 minutes drive from Baron Beach of Pattaya, we arrived at the Nong Nooch Garden. That morning, the garden drew a massive crowd of tourists. We were late for the Thai cultural and traditional performances, however we did not miss the elephant show. The well-trained elephants in the show were performing skills adopted from human sports like bike ride, soccer, basketball, and more. Towards the end of the show, audiences had the chance volunteering to be towered and massaged by the gentle elephants. They were really brilliant so we purchased bananas to reward and feed the elephants. After the show, we were given the opportunity to touch and feel our favorite elephants. In addition, we could also pay to ride on elephants, perch between two elephants' trunks, and take photos with elephants, which Boon-Huat and Wee-Peng did. Time was so limited for us there because we had to go to a bees farm and a jewelry factory of Bangkok. After having our buffet lunch in the garden, we could only spend a little time in the European garden. The whole garden was beautiful and the shows were amazing. According to the management, those gardens are constantly updating, with new ideas, new plants and new formations; therefore gives a reason to revisit Pattaya and Nong Nooch Garden again. Below are some of the shots I took:

[caption id="attachment_3159" align="aligncenter" width="369" caption="中年单身汉幸清华因脊椎骨生肿瘤,经常觉得腰椎疼痛。(图:星洲日报)"][/caption] (霹靂‧怡保)中年单身汉脊椎骨生肿瘤,急需2万令吉动手术,通过星洲日报基金会向大家求助,希望大家帮助他脱离痛苦。 幸清华,49岁,住在霹靂州地摩新村,以前做装水喉和拉电线散工,收入不多。最近一年来因病暂停工作,与大哥住在父亲留下来的组屋。 2005年前列腺有肿瘤 他指出,2005年8月,他因小便出血入院检查,发现前列腺有肿瘤,而动手术把肿瘤切除。 后来,又检查到癌细胞扩散到脊椎,已订在7月7日进入马大医院,并於7月8日动手术割除肿瘤。 5年来饱受病痛折磨 他说,在患病5年来,饱受病痛折磨,尤其是腰椎痛发作时,那股痛楚更有如刺骨般难受,甚至痛得彻夜不眠,十分痛苦。 “通常我要爬起身时,会感到脊椎特别疼痛,希望这一次动了手术后,能一劳永逸解除痛楚。”