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第二届大型热气球再次举行在PutraJaya(Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta)

虽然一直有人告诉我热气球有多大,有多好玩,有多壮观,在外国有多贵,多受人欢迎。但是从小我都没近距离接触过热气球。姐邀我去,说这次我们都有这么样的机会,我说好!因为我想完成小时候的梦想。。。在大大个的气球下面,说:哇哇哇~~ 这样的字句。

可惜,爸妈不能前来。不然,我想我是大小孩了。大可以依偎在他们怀里说:爸这个好美!。。妈这个气球很大粒是不是? 嘻嘻。。
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Missing cows

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Missing cows by CJ

Missing cows by CJ

This is the story I read from a book:

A wise man was walking with his students. As they passing by a village, a farmer who seemed very worry and distressed, headed towards them.

He stopped then asked the wise man, “Have you seen a kine cows on your way here?”

“No, sorry to say I did not see any.” the wise man answered.

“Sigh, I am the most unlucky person in this world. These cows are the only assets I have and they are all gone missing now. I have been seeking for days yet I couldn’t find them. How am I going to live on without them?” said the farmer sadly.

“…I am really the most unlucky person in this world. Sigh..” he continued to seek for the cows.

The wise man then turned to his students and said, “You are lucky that you do not own any cow.”

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哑巴哥哥和病患的妹妹,小小 (照片摘自:百度.com)







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香港点心Kampung Lapan分店

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恭喜!位于武吉波浪(Bukit Beruang)的香港点心,终于在上个月三月八日开了分店。
地点:35-L,Jalan Kenanga 3/25, Taman kenanga Kenanga Seksyen 3, 75200 Melaka

上星期和家人到Kampung Lapan新开张的香港点心吃早餐。宽阔的新店,常挂住笑容的老板,友善的员工,各类式的点心,自由餐服务 – 都有。

蒸点心: 烧卖,烧卖王,水晶包,虾饺王,白排骨,辣排骨,鸡脚,鱼丸,酸甜腐竹,螃蟹肉等等。。。
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Enjoy The 25 Per Cent Discount, Express Bus Passengers Urged

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Enjoy the 25 per cent discount: senior citizens above the age of 60, the disabled and children below 12 years (http://transitmy.org)

Enjoy the 25 per cent discount: senior citizens above the age of 60, the disabled and children below 12 years (http://transitmy.org)

PUTRAJAYA, March 23 (Bernama) — Express bus passengers eligible for the 25 per cent discount on ticket purchases offered by the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board (CVLB) should take advantage, said its director, Datin Naimah Ramli.

She said most passengers were unaware of the discount that senior citizens above the age of 60, the disabled and children below 12 years were entitled to.

“We are not sure whether they are unaware of the discount or are simply uninterested.

“We have issued the Pekeliling LPKP Bilangan 8/2009 on the 25 per cent on express bus fares for those eligible on July 20, and the circular was distributed to all express bus licence holders,” she said after opening the Basic Implementation of Safety, Health and Environment Practices Workshop here on Tuesday.

Naimah suggested that passengers inform express bus ticket counters regarding the discount, prior to purchasing, adding that action would be taken against operators who failed to grant the discount.

She said the board could impose a compound of up to RM300 on express bus operators for charging extra.

Naimah said the public could report any case by contacting 1-800-88-9600 or sending a short message service by typing LPKP (Your Complaint) and send to 15888.

[source: http://web10.bernama.com/kpdnhep/news.php?id=484792]

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Ah-Kun’s house at Jonker Street then to Kampung Ketek

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Ah-Kun in his house

Ah-Kun in his house

Two days ago, Dylan and I went to Ah-Kun’s house at the Jonker Street of Melaka. It is a part of the old Chinatown of Melaka and the street is close to traffic for night market during the evenings of every weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Hawkers on pushcarts will gather on these days to sell all kinds of delicious street food and local merchandise. A permanent stage was there at the end of the street for performances such as dancing and singing during weekend. As to date, however, the old stage has been demolished and a new design of stage is under construction.  

Back to the shooting at Ah-Kun’s house. The interior architecture of the house is not so much different from the typical Baba and Nyonya houses which I’ve visited before. It really amazed me when Ah-Kun showed me the wood-fire stove which his family is still using, a balcony garden which planted with orchids and other flowers, and some Japanese souvenirs which his aunt brought back from Japan decades ago. Being at Ah-Kun’s house, it made us felt like being in the 50s-60s of Melaka.  

We managed to shoot the rooftops of the houses in Jonker Street which was the purpose of our shooting. After that, we went for a second half of the shooting with the company of Ah-Kun. We headed towards Kampung Ketek nearby Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese temple. We took a few shots over there of the Malay houses. After we went for a rojak noodle and cendol at an Indian stall, we called it a day.

These are some of the shots I took to share:

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