Inspired by the love of Lawrence & Susan

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Lawrence&Susan (9)

Inspired by the love of Lawrence & Susan

When we heard good news from Lawrence & Susan last week, in which they are getting engaged end of this year, we feel so happy for the both of them. Lawrence & Susan are sweet couple whom last year we had a couple portrait with. It was also the first couple portrait for which Love+ photo artistry family was formed last year.

Lawrence is the prince charming who always carry a sunshine smile and similar to Susan who is a teacher and has beautiful and sweet smile whenever we meet the both of them. Lawrence & Susan had been together for a year before the shoot. Yet we felt so much love in them and between them, for every shutter we clicked in that afternoon, the moment was so authentic and loving.

The evening light was settling deep and golden, amplifying the passion between them. The experience was so magical and powerful.

Thank you again to Lawrence & Susan for sharing their love with us. We are thrilled to share this album with you now! 😀

May all bEE happy.

Lawrence&Susan (1)

Lawrence&Susan (2)

Lawrence&Susan (3)

Lawrence&Susan (4)

Couple portrait by Love+ photo artistry

Lawrence&Susan (6)

Lawrence&Susan (7)

Lawrence&Susan (8)

Melaka beloved portrait

Lawrence&Susan (11)

Lawrence&Susan (12)

Lawrence&Susan (13)

Lawrence&Susan (14)

Beautiful sunset in Melaka

Lawrence&Susan (16)

Lawrence&Susan (17)

Lawrence&Susan (18)

Lawrence&Susan (19)

Lawrence&Susan (20)

Lawrence&Susan (21)

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6th MAPFest 2014 – day 3

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It was the last day of the MAPFest took place last Sunday in which about 70 local and international artists came to Melaka and performed on the streets and its famous historical sites such as St. Paul Church and Stadthuys. The festival draws inspiration to this little town, creates spaces for culture and art.

Having some free time on Sunday noon, I made a trip to the venue. Arriving at the landing site of St. Paul’s Hill, the second GAIP (General Assembly of Interested Parties) performance with the collaboration of the artists was going on. After the performance was going on, I continued to explore the notion of ascent around the sites and discovered another performance at the site of A’ Farmosa, which the artists seemed like dreamers obsessed with love and desire, being hynotized then moving their way up to the top of the hill and continued under the big tree next to the old church.

Straight after that, there was a last GAIP performance at the same site. GAIP performances are collaboration of artists in a so-called broader social performance, it’s very interesting, as stated in the program booklet, “...each participant is ready, willing, able and stimulated, by bringing an attitude and practice of generosity in the facilitation of an individual or collective catharsis/libration/moment of transcendence……there is no expectation of formality within performers relationships, just mutual respect and responsibility”.

It is wet season in Malaysia at this time of the year. The evening was heavy down pour and fortunately it stopped before the grand finale, a large scale performance ‘Eulogy for the Living’ by most artists. Yet the ground was wet, the artists continued the performance on the wet gravel path, even sitting and dancing on it. The last performance was directed by Malaysian born artist, Tony Yap, also founding creative director of MAPFest. We eulogized that evening.

I enjoyed the visual and sound on the three-day festival. Thanks again to the organising committees, helpers, artists and sponsors for the great event held here and continue the effort every year. It was not only attracting visitors to Melaka for its heritage, but making our town a creative hub for innovative arts, and giving us an opportunity to meeting new friends. So let’s wait for the next MAPFest in 2015!

Some snaps during the last day. May all bEE happy.

6th MAPFest 2014 – day 3

the second GAIP (General Assembly of Interested Parties) performance

from left Elnaz Sheshgelani and Gita Kinanthi at MAPFest 2014

an installation art at the landing site of St. Paul’s Hill

third GAIP performance near A’ Farmosa Fort

Felix Ho at MAPFest 2014

local artist Lee Kien Fei at MAPFest 2014

grand finale of MAPFest 2014, ‘Eulogy for the Living’

AñA Wojak at the MAPFest 2014

projection on the wall next to the open grave of Xavier’s burial

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6th MAPFest 2014 – day 2

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Today is the second day of the 6th MAPFest. Reading the program booklet, there are lots of amazing performances arranged for today which I would not want to miss it even though it was a busy Saturday.

I was one of the groomsmen for a good friend’s wedding this morning. After his wedding at about noon, immediately I headed to one of the station of the MAPFest, St. Paul’s Hill. Yeay! This time the battery of my camera was fully charged.

It’s school holiday this month so it wasn’t surprise to see so many people up the hill. The St. Paul’s Church was packed with locals and tourists admiring this historic church and enjoying themselves with the special programs of the festival. So did I.

When I arrived at the venue, an improvised sound and voice performance called ‘Towards A New Moon’ by Domenico De Clario and various artists was about to start. A number of items were ready at the site and artists used those items to create sound, songs of stories.

During the play of ‘Pontianak’ the crowd didn’t expect a sudden down pour from a hot sunny weather. Even though it rained for a short time, it couldn’t kill the spirit of the ‘pontianak’. They kept going with their professional performance expressing the mean of sexual norms and sensibilities especially for woman in different culture, through the stories of how and why each of the turned into pontianak.

There were other stunning performances going on however I had to leave to get ready for an appointment and covering a wedding reception in the evening. As I walked to where I parked my car near Stadthuys, then I noticed there were other installation including one near the Cendol place at the Melaka River side and performances going on at the other sites. It is best to spend a half day walking from site to site and try to cover and explore as many performances as possible. It will keep you surprised, that’s what I will do for tomorrow, the last day of the 6th MAPFest.

So the Cerita Pendek 2 will begin shortly as I writing this. As soon this evening. It’s raining heavily now and hope that the weather turn well so that the show can carry on.

Here are some shots taken today. Please join and support the MAPFest tomorrow, or else it will be another year of wait. 🙂

May all bEE happy!

MAPFestday2 (1)

6th MAPFest 2014 – day 2

MAPFestday2 (2)

MAPFestday2 (3)

MAPFestday2 (4)

MAPFestday2 (5)

‘Towards A New Moon’ by Domenico De Clario and various artists

MAPFestday2 (6)

MAPFestday2 (7)

MAPFestday2 (8)

MAPFestday2 (9)

MAPFestday2 (10)

MAPFestday2 (11)

MAPFestday2 (12)

MAPFestday2 (13)

MAPFestday2 (14)

MAPFestday2 (15)

MAPFestday2 (16)

MAPFestday2 (17)

the ‘Pontianak’

MAPFestday2 (18)

MAPFestday2 (19)

MAPFestday2 (20)

MAPFestday2 (21)

MAPFestday2 (22)

umbrellas for the ‘Pontianak’ show

MAPFestday2 (23)

MAPFestday2 (24)

MAPFestday2 (25)

MAPFestday2 (26)

MAPFestday2 (27)

MAPFestday2 (28)

Meredith Elton

MAPFestday2 (29)

MAPFestday2 (30)

MAPFestday2 (31)

MAPFestday2 (32)

MAPFestday2 (33)

MAPFestday2 (34)

MAPFestday2 (35)

MAPFestday2 (36)

MAPFestday2 (37)

MAPFestday2 (38)

MAPFestday2 (39)

installation at the riverside of Melaka River

MAPFestday2 (40)

MAPFestday2 (41)

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6th MAPFest 2014 is back in Melaka – Cerita Pendek 1

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When the walls of St. Paul’s Church of Melaka are illuminated on the evening during this period of the year, Melaka Art & Performance Festival (MAPFest) is returning to town. One of the the program, Cerita Pendek is held on the first and second evening of the three-day festival on the hill of St. Paul’s Church.

I wouldn’t want to miss this one of the greatest events held in Melaka in which many international artists from over ten countries are here to perform in this little world heritage town. So after a portrait session in the afternoon, I managed to rush to the venue for the evening’s program, Cerita Pendek and captured some shots before the battery of camera ran dead 15 minutes after the show began.

Without having to shoot, I relaxed and enjoyed the whole evening of two hours of great dances, song and sound, performing arts and choreography. A big thanks to the wonderful evening to the organizing committees, helpers and artists from over the world for making it happen this evening.

Tomorrow will be the another session of Cerita Pendek in evening by the other artists, and do not miss the other programs in the morning and afternoon. A full program booklet can be obtained here. Fellow Malaccans and guests to Melaka, hope to see you tomorrow and Sunday.

Here are some flashback of 2012’s MAPFest. May all bEE happy. 🙂


6th MAPFest 2014 – Cerita Pendek 1


first performance of the evening by Meredith Elton


‘dead body’ of Alan Schacher on his performance, I could still remember his fantastic performance with Wei-Zen Ho on MAPFest 2012


the artists of the evening’s performing arts saying good night to the audiences 🙂

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