Photography of Melaka night view

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Cheng Hoon Teng temple of Melaka

It’s the eve of Chinese New Year 2010. Most Chinese should have had their reunion dinner with family by now and settling down for the count down of the first day of Chinese New Year. It’s a warm and cheerful night now. 

May those we loved who just left us rest in peace and always be remembered. May we all be grateful of what we are having now and appreciate the people who are with us.

Happy happy chinese new year and Gong Hei Fat Choi. Before I signing off to count down, prepare to make blessing and pay respect to my ancestors like most Chinese would do, let me share some photos of the night view of Melaka town with everyone:

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活在我们的记忆中的刘妈妈和Victor Chan

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今天中午,我收到了两个震撼人心的消息:我的好友,Ah Too的母亲(刘妈妈)和我的好友Victor Chan去世了。在短短的一个小时内,这两个消息来得太突然了,令人难以置信。


Victor从中学以来都是我的好朋友。我们都是热爱旅游的一群,曾经结伴到槟城、浮罗交怡岛、热浪岛等等去游玩。每次我们和父母提到Victor时,我们都形容他是住在吉里望的赛跑高手。 处次之外,Victor还是个多才好学的人,他时常给与我网站设计和旅游的建议和咨询。几个星期前,我们才通过电话,讨论要一起设计一个网站和分享摄影的兴趣。我们还打算在农历新年期间给对方拜年。Victor就这样突然的离开了,让大家都无法接受。

我傍晚到Ah Too的家。他和他的家人都很好。幸好医生也在几天前就叫他们做好心理准备,让他们也开始面对了。然而,Victor的离开真的很突然,很让人悲伤。我们不知道他的家人,女友和朋友们将会如何面对。我们能做的是为他们祈祷。





据瑞士出身的精神科学家兼On Death and Dying一书的作者Elisabeth Kübler-Ross,只有真正去了解死亡,具有无私的爱,具有智慧,死亡才变得很安宁祥和,人生也会有很大的变化。

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In our memory of Mother Low and Victor Chan

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Victor Chan (in the center with black t-shirt) and friends at Pulau Redang year 2008

Victor Chan (in the center with black t-shirt) and friends at the Pulau Redang year 2008; Ah Too is in this picture with blue t-shirt.

Today I received two shocking news in an hour: my best friend, Ah Too’s mother (Mother Low) and my best friend Victor Chan passed away. It was really heartbreaking. Most of my friends could not believe when I sent them a text telling them about these two news in a short period of time, even myself when I was told initially.

I met Ah Too’s mother few weeks ago when I went to Ah Too’s house in Melaka. She was always a good mother, a family-loving person, and also a kind and soft-hearted person to us. Few days after I met her, she was admitted to hospital because of the stroke caused by high-blood pressure that she suffered from. That time, brain surgery was necessary and few days after the surgery she remained unconscious until today’s noon when she took her last breath. The sickness came unpredictable but the death was expected as told by the doctor few days ago. It was really sad when we heard about the lost of Mother Low because she was always a second mother to us.

Victor was a good friend of mine since secondary school. We went to a few trips together including Pulau Penang, Pulau Langkawi, and Pulau Redang. When friends spoke to their parents about Victor, we described him as a fast-runner who lived in Klebang, Melaka. He was always a talented guy who kept seeking to learn more. Victor was always helpful and he gave me many advices on web-design and travelling. Few weeks ago, we talked on the phone about designing a website together and shared information about photography. We were planning to meet on Chinese New Year. Today, he left us without any sign and made most of us heartbreaking.

Ah Too and his family were fine when I met them this evening. They were calm and prepared as told by the doctor few days ago. Victor’s death was really a shock to everybody as he passed away on his sleep today. We could not imagine how his family, partner and friends would feel right now. All we can do is to pray for the both of them.

In the memory of Mother Low and Victor Chan: Both of you and your kindness shall always be remembered and missed by all of us. May you be blessed and may you reach the land of divine love.

A wise man once told me: It is absolutely certain that we will die, and it is uncertain when or how we will die. Some people have the thinking of death being natural and it happens to everybody. It has no big deal.

That’s a nice theory until one is dying. Mostly all of the greatest spiritual traditions in this world have told us clearly that death is not the end. However, the majority of this modern society imagines that this life is all that there is. Without any real or authentic faith in an afterlife, most people live lives deprived of any ultimate meaning.

Those who believe they have plenty of time get ready only at the time of death. Then they are ravaged by regret. But isn’t it far too late?

Looking deeply into the way that we care for the dying, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a Swiss-born psychiatrist and the author of the groundbreaking book On Death and Dying, has shown that with unconditional love, and a more enlightened attitude, dying can be a peaceful, even transformative experience.

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再遇李茂东先生 – 水墨画分享

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[新闻] 家属圆遗愿.器官有震伤‧女鸡贩车祸死‧捐一肾

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王幼妹生前遗愿是死后能把身上器官捐出, 造福有需要的病人。(图:星洲日报)




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