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Supermoon sighting in Melaka

Supermoon before dawn over the Flyover Bandar Hilir of Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz Melaka

Supermoon before dawn over the Flyover Bandar Hilir of Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz Melaka

Closer look of the supermoon, which appeared for 5 minutes as the weather was cloudy and rainy whole day in Melaka

Closer look of the supermoon, which appeared for 5 minutes as the weather was cloudy and rainy whole day in Melaka

Kenn and I was looking forward to see the supermoon here in Melaka but the weather was not promising. The sky was blanketed by dark clouds since last night. Right before 7:00am just now, there was a window in the sky which the supermoon shone through for 5 minutes. It was luck and we got to see it just before sunrise. 😀

This would be the closest full moon to earth since year 1948, and the next even closer to earth will be on 2034. See you again in 18 years!

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I am Fei Fei. I am 8. I was a stray puppy…

My name is Fei Fei. I was a stray puppy.

My name is Fei Fei. I was a stray puppy.

‘My name is Fei Fei. I am 8.’

‘I was a stray puppy until I came into CJ’s family. They now have a family and a furry daughter like me.’

‘When I am free, I love to run and swim in the stream nearby. I think slippers are nice to chew.’

‘Cats in the family are my friends. I love more of their dry food than my own food. I’ve stopped many fights between my friends with others.’

‘I love human. Sometimes they can be unpredictable yet they are very obedient. When I sit, they will give me their hand and say, ‘hand’. In return, I give them a good hand shake.’

‘I can be fierce sometimes when I see strangers in the neighborhood. I saved my mom once for being robbed at the house. I too alarmed the neighbors when someone tried to break in their cars.’

‘Because of me, my family no longer feel lonely. Because of me, they feel safe and loved. Because of me, they have new pairs of slipper always.’

‘There are many me on the streets. Please bring them home with compassion, they will lovEE you and become your good friends and family.’ 🙂

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First experience with Milky Way photography in Melaka

Our first experience capturing the stars in Melaka (from left, tiny Vernon, tiny Ee, tiny Kenn Wai, tiny Chow Gui and tiny Jacky)

Our first experience capturing the stars in Melaka (from left, tiny Vernon, tiny Ee, tiny Kenn Wai, tiny Chow Gui and tiny Jacky)

Often looking at the stunning photographs of Milky Way other landscape and cityscape photographers have taken, such as signature stars shots of Church of the Good Shepherd in New Zealand, Mt. Bromo in Indonesia and etc., I always wanted to do it here in our home town Melaka. I kept survey for locations far from light pollution especially from places away from houses or buildings or traffics, with minimal light visibility.

During an engagement portrait the Klebang beach of Melaka last month, where I was photographing a couple at a sand dune by the beach of the reclaimed land, there were no street lights, no buildings, purely land of sands dug from the sea, piling up like a sand dune desert. It seemed like an ideal place for shooting Milky Way, dark and far from light source.

Hari Raya’s eve was a good day, it was new moon and the weather was good after we checked the forecast. We organized a small group of friends (Kenn Wai, Ee, Vernon, Jacky and Chow Gui) to travel together to kill time and for safety purposes.

When we arrived at site on the evening of eve of Hari Raya, it was very dark and we had to park our cars far from the sand dune, where the tracks of tires ended in sand. It was too risky to drive further in to the sand dune and might get the cars stuck in sand. We carried our gears and walked about 500 meters on a wide open area of sand to the sand dune.

The weather was perfect. No clouds with little breeze, and the sky was absolutely beautiful, filled with stars. We used an IOS app to track the position of the Milky Way. We could see partial of it with naked eyes.

It was 11:00pm, one hour to Raya. The Milky Way was at the south-eastern direction. We setup our gears facing south which was the direction of the Strait of Malacca.

There were three light sources which somehow would pollute our exposure. One from the east, which was a berthing Star Cruise on the Strait of Malacca, and one from the from the west which might be the oil refinery at Tangga Batu’s beach, and lastly the spotlights and street lights from the north which was the Dataran 1 Malaysia ground. Three sources were far from us however could still make impact to the shots.

Our main objective was to capture the Milky Way with sand dune in our composition. As for myself, I was shooting using a Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II lens. 16mm was the widest range I could get into.

On the first 2 hours of our shooting, it was difficult to capture both Milky Way and sand dune even with 16mm focal length as the Milky Way was high up from the horizon, at about 70 degree. And the spotlights from the Dataran 1 Malaysia ground was annoying even they were kilometers away.

Patiently we tried and tried, from different angles and various camera settings, yet we couldn’t get any ideal shots.

At about 1:00am, the game was changing. The spotlights were switched off. The Milky Way ‘moved’ too, from south-eastern to the south and closer to the horizon, at about 45 degree.

Milky Way and sand dune were in our frame. We continued to capture with long exposure. At last, Milky Way was clearly observable in our camera’s playback. We got it.

It was exciting for everyone of the group especially on this very first attempt. We had fun with shooting the Milky Way, and did some lighting-painting group photo as memory.

There are still lots of things to learn of shooting the stars. Setting up few challenges in the future, I started to follow some stars everyday and read more about landscape and cityscape photography always.

Below is one success shot of mine captured on that Raya’s morning 1:30am. Specially dedicated to all parents of the world!

May all bEE happy. 🙂

Milky Way shot at the beach of Klebang in Melaka (Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II, ISO1000, f/3.5, 30sec exposure)

Milky Way shot at the beach of Klebang in Melaka (Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II, ISO1000, f/3.5, 30sec exposure)

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CJ photography

CJ photography | wedding photographer Melaka, Malaysia

Hi! Welcome and thank you for dropping by juesatta which is also the blog for CJ photography.

Frequent traveler like CJ, enjoys much in learning the difference in culture and studying people. Every individual is unique hence he admires each of their story.

Having his first digital camera with him was the greatest gift for his travels. He loves blending into people and environment in order to capture natural and genuine photographs.

Much like his style of shooting, CJ puts himself in the crowd and captures many candid and genuine moments especially the touching and sweet ones making him the ‘Candy Jar’ of Love+ photo artistry.

Wedding is the sweetest thing in one’s life as it celebrates love, and therefore he tells the story of each wedding with simple, natural and artistic photographs.

Based in Melaka however, CJ travels outstation and internationally to photograph upon request.

Do drop by juesatta on facebook to catch up the latest update. Hope you enjoy the stories here. 🙂

May all beings bEE happy.

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Inspired by the love of Cindy & Chee Seong

Port Dickson beach prewedding

inspired by the love of Cindy & Chee Seong

Time to start a write out and post some engagement shots including this of my good friends, Cindy and Chee Seong early this year in a few places in Malaysia. Both of them are very supportive and encouraging to me since the day I started photography. To me, they are friends, they are family, and they are always there for me when help is needed.

One of the many reasons I admire Cindy and Chee Seong is they are one of the sweetest couples I know. They have known each other for 7 years. When Cindy was doing her tertiary study in Johor and she was doing part time work, then she met the man of her life.

Cindy is from Melaka and Chee Seong was born in Seremban, a small town shares some similar characteristic of Melaka. But distance was never a problem to them. Cindy once told me one of the many things Chee Seong did which touched her heart was Chee Seong once rode an old motorbike from Seremban to Johor and just to see her. It took him at least 4 hours and full of risk which then won her heart even more.

Even for their marriage proposal, Chee Seong did something sweet really. He gave her a surprise proposal on the stage of Dataran Pahlawan shopping mall. With their special love song sung on the stage in front of public to drew her attention when she was shopping in the concourse where the stage is with her friends. Kenn and I did the The Proposal – Chee-Seong and Cindy. That was how she said ‘I do” and became Mrs. Lew. Who could resist such a sweet and courageous proposal by their loved one?

They tied the knot in mid of this year and I was invited to do a prewedding shoot for them. We had an early arrangement and discussion prior to the shooting. Things like gowns and dresses, props, make up, location, outstation arrangement were mostly done and arranged by Cindy and Chee Seong, which was not an easy thing for most couples.

We did a few shootings for a few day in a few places. We had fun, traveled together and took photos whenever there were spontaneous loving experiences happened between them. When we did a shooting in Port Dickson, there was a pour. They showed the passion for another, held and kissed regardless of the rain.

Many little things that tell how they have come together so far and so loving. As a friend, I always enjoy the time hanging out with them and listen to their stories. I feel grateful for them trusting in me and being so supportive in my passion and career, and appreciate our friendship.

A big thanks and congratulation to Cindy and Chee Seong. Happy marriage and may your life be fulfilled with each other’s company and that you may grow old and happy together. Enjoy your time together, and bring on the babies!

May all beings bEE happy.







Port Dickson beach prewedding near jetty









Jetty in Port Dickson for wedding portrait

prewedding in the rain

Smokehouse Cameron Highlands prewedding



Smokehouse Cameron Highlands



view of Boh Tea Plantations, Cameron Highlands

Lavender Garden, Cameron Highlands prewedding








The Lakehouse, Cameron Highlands prewedding


Chrysanthemum Farm in Cameron Highlands prewedding





Melaka prewedding shoot



wedding portrait at one of the islands in Melaka





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