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Homemade Sarawak Laksa in Melaka

Original Sarawak Laksa by Fred’s Mama in Melaka

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Homemade Sarawak Laksa in Melaka (top right : Fred's mom)

Homemade Sarawak Laksa in Melaka (top right : Fred’s mom)

After celebrated the wedding of Fred & Renee back in May, they then invited to their house for a dinner as an appreciation dinner in helping of their wedding.

Just a bit about Fred. He is from Kuching (which also known as the Cat City), the capital city of Sarawak state. He then came to Melaka and did his uni degree in MMU Melaka. That was when he fell in love with Renee, a sweet Malaccan girl.

After graduated Fred remains in Melaka and works as engineer in Melaka. Fred is also a enthusiastic photographer, we knew him during a photography gathering about six years back. As we continue to grow in our passion in photography, taking part in activities together, we then became good friends, and were chosen to be his groomsmen on his wedding.

Early this month after his wedding, Fred invited us to his house for dinner. A dinner we always wished for – with Sarawak Laksa. Originally from Kuching!

Fred’s mom moved from Kuching to Melaka early this year. She brought packets of original Sarawak Laksa paste from Kuching and keeping them fresh in fridge.

We were so lucky. When we reached Fred’s house, we could smell the scent of spices from the laksa Fred’s mom had cooked. It made us mouth-watery. The ingredients were already on the table with the laksa soup ready in the pot. Fred then taught us how to mix and prepare bowls of laksa.

Needless to say, the Fred’s mama’s Sarawak Laksa was really good, different from our Nyonya Laksa or the Penang Laksa we had before, but was tasty. What makes it unique is the paste, belacan definitely plays a big role in it. Fred told me that the paste only produced by a few companies in Sarawak. Its ingredients thus remain a myth.

Thank you Fred & Renee again for inviting us! And we would like to give a big hug and big thank you to Fred’s mom for her hard work in preparing the yummy laksa for us. Would definitely love to eat again ūüôā

M Nicole outdoor shooting July 2012 at Klebang Beach

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Make-up artists and models of M Nicole outdoor shooting at Klebang Beach

Make-up artists and models of M Nicole outdoor shooting at Klebang Beach

Finally having some free time to upload some photos and start blogging again.

Remember the M Nicole Make Up at Haha Studio July 2012? This was the session after the studio shooting and supposed to be a two-month back topic.

Anyway, we continued an outdoor shooting at Klebang Beach, Melaka after the studio shooting.

The models got changed to colorful outfits and beautifully done make-up then headed to the beach in Klebang.

This was also another opportunity for us to meet other photo enthusiasts, future make-up artists and models. We learned from each other and had a great time together.

Thanks to M Nicole Make Up organizing such a good outing and we are looking forward for the upcoming ones.

Have a nice day and may all beings bEE happy. Sharing some shots taken on the event:

Siew-Chen + Melvin = j.u.s.t. m.a.r.r.i.e.d.

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actual wedding day photography in Melaka

Congratulations to Siew-Chen and Melvin

Another brilliant day with Siew-Chen and Melvin in early June this year. We, Kenn-Wai, Fred, Brendon and I had the pleasure to photograph and video-shoot their big day.

On the lovely morning, we found ourselves with a pretty bride and her attractive bridesmaids wearing beautiful Cheong Sam. And the guys weren’t bad either; groom was smart looking in black¬†Zhong Shan Zhuang while the brothers were wearing Chinese¬†Tang Suit.

Both Siew-Chen and Melvin play band and sometimes perform in public. This explained why they and their friends were so sporting and happening on that day especially during the door games to pick up the bride.¬† The guys had to finish up the girls’ secret recipe bitter gourd juice, specially made extra spicy sausages, and lastly the ladies’ favorite, cicada pudding. These so-called food would¬†definitely get into the¬†Top 10 Most Gross and Disgusting Food in weddings.

The wedding kiss happened after Melvin read up and signed a marriage contract, a loving yet unequal treaties I would say. Then he and the brothers sang the song “If I Have A Million Dollar”, kind a funny song to please the bride before he was allowed to enter the room and kissed the bride.

Soon after the tea ceremony at Melvin’s place, they went to their new house and Siew-Chen changed from her white wedding gown to¬†a red traditional Kwa, a heavily embroidered formal Chinese wedding gown. Then she had an ornate headdress on and looked gorgeous.

The fun carried on into the night. The reception was held at LTP Restaurant Melaka. Siew-Chen’s mom spiced up the night by giving a few songs on the stage and drew large applause from the guests. And now we know where Siew-Chen’s beautiful voice comes from.

Thanks to Siew-Chen and Melvin for having us on your special day. Congratulation and may the singing of enjoyment be along with you, may the life in the following year filled with joyance and happiness, and may you have a wonderful new life togEEther!

May all beings bEE happy. Sharing some shots taken on the day and hope you enjoy.

Behind the scene – M Nicole Make Up at Haha Studio July 2012

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M Nicole Make Up studio shooting at Haha Studio

M Nicole Make Up studio shooting at Haha Studio

It had been a while since I stepped into studio for shooting. Yesterday was the exam for the students of M Nicole Make Up and I was invited to join the event at Haha Studio (in Kota Laksamana, Melaka). It was rather a gathering with the photography friends where getting everyone together.

I didn’t do any studio shooting while I was there, however I took some behind the scene shots, chit chat with friends, and watched how¬†professional the photographers, make up artists and models performed their work.

After the studio shooting, we went for an outdoor shooting which I had the chance to really get into action with the friends.

Thanks for inviting and it was a really great session. May all beings bEE happy. Sharing some of the photos.

Huey-Han + Yee-Siang = j.u.s.t. m.a.r.r.i.e.d.

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Congratulations to Huey-Han and Yee-Siang

Congratulations to Huey-Han and Yee-Siang

My last wedding for May was Huey-Han and Yee-Siang’s. I had the pleasure of capturing the their wedding in Melaka on a fantastic day.

Congratulations and thanks guys. May the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows.

Sharing shots captured. May all beings bEE happy.

Wesak Day procession 2012 in Melaka

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2012 Wesak Day procession in Melaka

2012 Wesak Day procession in Melaka

Wesak is the thrice blessed day to commemorate the birth, enlightenment (nirvana) and death (parinirvana) of the Buddha. On every Wesak Day in Melaka float parade is held; and a larger scale one is held on every decade of the celebration.

This year 2012, Wesak Day was celebrated on last Saturday, 5th of May and it also marked the 50th year Wesak procession in Melaka, one of the grand celebration. Procession which is normally held on the eve on Wesak Day however was carried out on Wesak’s night this year.

Thousands of devotees thronged Melaka town and some from outstation just came by and joined the celebration. More than sixty Buddhist Temples and organisations took part this year’s procession which covered 7.7 km, from the former site of Eye on Malaysia passing through Jalan Merdeka and Bukit Cina, to Kubu Stadium in Jalan Kubu.

Kenn-Wai, Fred Yap and I didn’t miss such a grand celebration. We gathered at the main entrance of Dataran Pahlawan shopping mall which was also the judging stop and enjoyed the colouful and brightly lit floats, performance by dragon and lion dance troupes, rhythm from several school bands, Chinese and Sri Lankan dances.

There were tens of photographers gathered there to capture their best shots in order to take part in the Wesak photography competition. So we had to get a little room to see and photograph the procession.

The last float was from Seck Kia Eenh Buddhist Temple as usual. And it passed through the judging stop just before midnight and it was only half the journey to Kubu Stadium. We wondered what time the procession concluded. It would be very late we guessed.

We enjoyed ourselves on that night. Although the Wesak procession is held here in Melaka every year, we would have to wait for another ten years to see such a grand one again.

Thanks to all the organizers, volunteers, community members, students and supporters for the hard work in helping to make this procession such a success.

Sharing some shots taken. May all beings bEE happy.