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Behind the scene – M Nicole Make Up at Haha Studio July 2012

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M Nicole Make Up studio shooting at Haha Studio

M Nicole Make Up studio shooting at Haha Studio

It had been a while since I stepped into studio for shooting. Yesterday was the exam for the students of M Nicole Make Up and I was invited to join the event at Haha Studio (in Kota Laksamana, Melaka). It was rather a gathering with the photography friends where getting everyone together.

I didn’t do any studio shooting while I was there, however I took some behind the scene shots, chit chat with friends, and watched how professional the photographers, make up artists and models performed their work.

After the studio shooting, we went for an outdoor shooting which I had the chance to really get into action with the friends.

Thanks for inviting and it was a really great session. May all beings bEE happy. Sharing some of the photos.

Wesak Day procession 2012 in Melaka

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2012 Wesak Day procession in Melaka

2012 Wesak Day procession in Melaka

Wesak is the thrice blessed day to commemorate the birth, enlightenment (nirvana) and death (parinirvana) of the Buddha. On every Wesak Day in Melaka float parade is held; and a larger scale one is held on every decade of the celebration.

This year 2012, Wesak Day was celebrated on last Saturday, 5th of May and it also marked the 50th year Wesak procession in Melaka, one of the grand celebration. Procession which is normally held on the eve on Wesak Day however was carried out on Wesak’s night this year.

Thousands of devotees thronged Melaka town and some from outstation just came by and joined the celebration. More than sixty Buddhist Temples and organisations took part this year’s procession which covered 7.7 km, from the former site of Eye on Malaysia passing through Jalan Merdeka and Bukit Cina, to Kubu Stadium in Jalan Kubu.

Kenn-Wai, Fred Yap and I didn’t miss such a grand celebration. We gathered at the main entrance of Dataran Pahlawan shopping mall which was also the judging stop and enjoyed the colouful and brightly lit floats, performance by dragon and lion dance troupes, rhythm from several school bands, Chinese and Sri Lankan dances.

There were tens of photographers gathered there to capture their best shots in order to take part in the Wesak photography competition. So we had to get a little room to see and photograph the procession.

The last float was from Seck Kia Eenh Buddhist Temple as usual. And it passed through the judging stop just before midnight and it was only half the journey to Kubu Stadium. We wondered what time the procession concluded. It would be very late we guessed.

We enjoyed ourselves on that night. Although the Wesak procession is held here in Melaka every year, we would have to wait for another ten years to see such a grand one again.

Thanks to all the organizers, volunteers, community members, students and supporters for the hard work in helping to make this procession such a success.

Sharing some shots taken. May all beings bEE happy.

Pre-Christmas 2011 in Kuala Lumpur

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Pre-Christmas atmosphere in Kuala Lumpur

Pre-Christmas atmosphere in Kuala Lumpur

Christmas atmosphere is almost everywhere in KL’s busy shopping malls now. After the street photography in Pudu with friends, we walked to the shopping area to have our lunch and certainly to feel in the spirit of Christmas.

We made to Time Square first as Fred had an appointment with a customer. Then through Low Yat Plaza and Sungei Wang we went to the Lot 10’s food court. It’s named Hutong Lot 10 food court, is offering variety of non-halal food that took us quite some time to decide what to have. I heard that each of these eateries is specially hand-picked by the CEO of Lot 10, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh. After a yummy meal, we visited Fahrenheit 88, Starhill Gallery and finally arrived at Pavillion.

At this time of the year, most malls in KL are dressed up in beautiful Christmas decoration and create special and magical Christmas experiences for the shoppers. Christmas trees, rein deers, Santa Claus and Santarina, angels, EElves, vibrant and colorful lightings, special Christmas’s delicacy and anything to do with Christmas are seen everywhere. We had recharged our energy after lunch and started to get some shots of the lovely environment.

It had been a decade since I strolled in KL city like this. I always think KL as a busy, stressful and hectic city. This visit however gave me a different perception. It was crowded and busy as usual, yet calm, relaxing and filled with laughter and joy. Perhaps it was simply that the festival atmosphere had taken over. The crowd just having fun, spending sweet time with family or loved ones, and hang out with friends.

So we too had so much fun and glad that we made it to this trip, not to mention meeting up with Robin and Chun-Chow. Thanks to Fred and Kenn-Wai for inviting me, and we are looking forward for a next time in near future.

Here’s wishing you all the joys of the season, may your Christmas be filled with peace and love. Happy Christmas!

Pudu street photography for the first time

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morning reading at Pudu's street

morning reading at Pudu's street

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure to meet up with Robin Wong and Chun-Chow in Kuala Lumpur together with Fred and Kenn-Wai. It was drizzling early morning when we left Kelana Jaya where we stayed at the place of Kenn-Wai’s sister. However and it turned out to be clear and sunny sky when we arrived at Pudu LRT station. The weather was really unpredictable in KL.

Even though I always took bus from Pudu bus station back to Melaka when I studied in KL, I didn’t know the place well. Robin does so he became our guide that morning. He first brought us to have a delicious Hakka noodle breakfast. As soon as we were done, so called shutter therapy session by Robin had begun.

Robin got us in the alleys, to the dry and wet markets. We were amazed by how lively the area was, and it was full of locals and foreign workers. Though we hardly see tourist over there. Most of the people there were nice even though some might not seem to be. I guess that’s the reason why Robin loved the place so much for street photography. We just discovered the other face of KL. We got to learn from Robin how he approached the crowd and captured the people so close.

Robin and Chun-Chow are experienced street photographer and familiar with the place. They knew exactly when and where to press the shutter. It was just their instinct. Fred, Kenn-Wai and I also tried to get some nice shots of the street but we rather enjoyed our walk with jokes until we reached the wet market at about 11:00 am. We couldn’t stand the strong smell of the market place under the hot sun so we threaded our way through the market quickly.

The photography session was smooth and everyone had fun. we decided to go Bukit Bintang area to take some shots of the Christmas decoration and atmosphere. While making our way to Time Square, we stopped by Pudu Plaza to have a break and share our captures with each other. Everybody gained valuable experience and intuitive knowledge in street photography from others.

May all beings by happy. Share some shots of the Pudu area:

Gordon Ramsay eats shark fin soup for the first time!

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Renowned chef Gordon Ramsay (image from british-chinese.blogspot.com)

Renowned chef Gordon Ramsay (image from british-chinese.blogspot.com)

In January 2011, while in Costa Rica, renowned chef Gordon Ramsay was doused in petrol and held at gunpoint as he tried to uncover the dark world of illegal shark fin trading for a new TV show. Ramsay stated:

They told me they’d shoot me. At one, I managed to shake off the people keeping us away, ran up some stairs to a rooftop and looked down to see thousands of fins, drying on rooftops for as far as the eye could see. When I got back downstairs, they tipped a barrel of petrol over me. Back at the wharf, there were people pointing rifles at us to stop us filming. A van pulled up and these seedy characters made us stand against a wall. The police came and advised us to leave the country…..

Let’s watch this short video of Gordon Ramsay’s investigation on shark finning shared by my friend, Fred. Ramsay witnessed shark finning process and sharks having fins cut off whilst alive and being thrown back into the sea.

Shark’s fin itself is virtually tasteless and not only are the claims of its ability to boost sexual potency unverifiable, it may cause sterility in men if consumed in large quantities, due to the mercury content.

Read also the previously posted article Jaws wide open, eyes wide shut by Perry Gan.

As long as demand of shark fin exists, supply would be made to satisfy demand. So please take our pledge, promising not to eat shark fin anymore.

May all beings be happy.

Prewedding – Tong Poh-Ling and Goh Seng-Chin

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Prewedding - Tong Poh-Ling and Goh Seng-Chin

Prewedding - Tong Poh-Ling and Goh Seng-Chin

Congratulation to Tong Poh-Ling (Pohling) and Goh Seng-Chin (Goh) who just got married early this month!

Last month before the two tied the knot, photographers like Kenn-Wai, Fred, Angel Wee, Hanne, Andrew Gan, Angela Gan and I decided to give Pohling and Goh a special gift. We would like to present them a prewedding album in which photos shot and compiled by us.

Each of the guys has their unique style in shooting. Thus I was excited that I could join the session together because it was a good opportunity to learn them. We met out for a discussion as always before the shooting, planned a two-day sessions and selected a few venues in Melaka for making the photo album. Each would need to contribute a few shots and teamwork makes the dream work.

That morning, Pohling looked absolutely fabulous and Goh was just charming. We were all geared up. Although I spent half a day with the beautiful couples and fun-loving photographers, we enjoyed the session together so much. As for the outcome, I was fascinated by the way all of them worked and how they produced their images. There were so much things that I learned from the guys.

Thank you guys for the wonderful time and happy married life to Pohling and Goh. I hope you hold each other close in best or bad times and have trust and faith all the way.

May all beings be happy. Sharing some of my shots of Pohling and Goh’s prewedding: