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Justice for Chee Gaik Yap

Justice for Chee Gaik Yap

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Jason (left) and CJ with police reports, hoping justice for Chee Gaik Yap

Jason (left) and CJ with police reports, hoping justice for Chee Gaik Yap

We just lodged police reports on the 2th July 2013 at the Balai Polis Tengkera Melaka, in hoping that justice will be done for the rape-murder of Chee Gaik Yap.

victim Chee Gaik Yap

victim Chee Gaik Yap

Seven years ago, Chee Gaik Yap, a marketing executive and Universiti Utara Malaysia graduate, was believed to have been tailed by her assailant while jogging in the neighbourhood of Taman Ria Jaya in Sungai Petani.

She was kidnapped, raped and killed before her body was dumped at the housing estate.

The suspect was arrested and released on police bail, he then fled to Australia for six years to escape investigations. He was ambushed and detained at the KLIA upon returning to Malaysia last year.

He was charged for murder (not rape!?). Few days ago, the suspect was acquitted and walked out from the court as a free man, as the victim’s grieved father attempted to jump off the court building after the ruling. Luckily the pressmen managed to stop him.

It was confirmed that his semen was an evidence after he was arrested.

Why can’t he be convicted even though there’s evidence (the suspect’s semen)?

Why was he charged with only murder but not for rape?

Our lodging of police report was relatively easy and it took us only 30 minutes. The front desk officers of Balai Polis Tengkera Melaka was being very helpful.

In our reports, we demand Polis Diraja Malaysia to take further action into the investigation:

Saya hendak Polis Diraja Malaysia
(a) Menyiasat adakah Chee Gaik Yap dirogol oleh suspek Shahril Jaafar.
(b) Menyiasat siapakah orang ketiga di mana air maninya juga dijumpai di dalam kemaluan Chee Gaik Yap.
(c) Menyiasat adakah Chee Gaik Yap diseksa ataupun dicederakan oleh suspek Shahril Jaafar dan sekumpulan orang sampai mati.
(d) Mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya dengan segera.

Make your police report, it can be done in any police station at anytime, and send a copy to reportcheegaikyap@gmail.com to draw more awareness.

Get more info from https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForCGY

We hope justice could be done.

– by jason and cj

Homestay de Melaka

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dining area

dining area

Melaka, the Historical State of Malaysia is a must visit travel destination for all tourists who visit to Malaysia. We, at Homestay de Melaka is here to provide you a clean, comfortable, feel like home accommodation which is situated at the heart of Melaka town.

Our homestay units in Mahkota Hotel have the following advantages :-

● 2 bedroom apartment (city view at 15th floor)
● nice scenery at night
● air-conditioned bedroom
● fully furnished with refrigerator
● walking distance to historical sites (A Famosa Fort, Clock Tower, Stadhuys, Dutch Square, Jonker Street, Chinatown, etc.)
● next to Mahkota Parade shopping mall
● next to Dataran Pahlawan shopping mall
● walking distance to entertainment outlet (Arena club, Movida club & Overtime club, the Jetty)

Give us a call at +60196690168 (Jason) and we will be looking to serve so that you will have a pleasant visit to Melaka, the Historical City of Malaysia!

living room

living room

double bedroom

double bedroom

twin bedroom

twin bedroom

A beautiful melody – piano performance by Stephen Tang

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Stephen Tang at Jason's house

Stephen Tang at Jason's house

The day when my friend, Stephen Tang played the song, Ni Zhi Dao Wo Zai Deng Ni Ma (“Do you know I am waiting for you?” in Chinese) with the piano at Jason’s house, he then continued to perform another song with beautiful melody taught by Pastor John he met long ago.

Although Stephen later told us that he did not know the name of the song, he loved its rhythm, a fast yet sort of a mystical beat. Even Jason was interested to learn to play it; he stood next to Stephen and watched how Stephen’s fingers fluttering across the keys.

I recorded the play and share with friends here in juesatta. Stephen promised to play the song Shang Hai Tan, a well-known TV series theme song back in 80s, so I hope I have a chance to record the next play and share again.

Thanks to Stephen for performing such a beautiful melody. May all beings be happy.

Ni Zhi Dao Wo Zai Deng Ni Ma (妳知道我在等你吗) – by Stephen Tang

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Stephen Tang at Jason's house

Stephen Tang at Jason's house

The song, Ni Zhi Dao Wo Zai Deng Ni Ma (“Do you know I am waiting for you?” in Chinese) is a classic and was a very popular song back in late 80s. This song was originally written and sung by Zhang Hong Liang (张洪量). And it was so popular that many other singers have covered it such as Teresa Teng, Jacky Cheung, Leng Yu, and Anthony Lun.

Last week my friend, Stephen Tang and I went to Jason’s place, and Stephen was attracted to Jason’s piano in the living hall. He told us he could play some songs but we doubted. Stephen said to us that the same thing happened to his partner Pei-Ching; she thought it was a joke.

“Let me practise for 10 minutes and I shall remember how to play.” Stephen said while warming up his fingers and slowly sat by the piano, which he had not played for a decade.

As soon as the melody reached our ears, Stephen touched us as beautifully as he touched the keys of the piano. What further amazed us was he played without the piano scores. Stephen continued to present some songs wonderfully as we requested.

It’s always nice and fun to go for a tea chat with Stephen as he is a funny and straight forward friend. And to prove to Pei-Ching, I recorded Stephen’s play, Ni Zhi Dao Wo Zai Deng Ni Ma.

May all beings be happy.

Photography at Eye to Eye optical shop

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Eye to Eye optical shop in Dataran Pahlawan. From left: Danny, Henry, and Jaron

Eye to Eye optical shop in Dataran Pahlawan. From left: Danny, Henry, and Jaron

Early last month of July, Henry Lee invited me to get a staff photo of the optical shop, Eye to Eye in Dataran Pahlawan where he works in as a memento. I happily agreed to help him and apart from taking the group photo, I made a request to snap some photos of the optical products available in the shop such as Gucci, Guess, Tag Heuer, Ray Ban, and many more brands which I couldn’t even recall.

Other than that, I didn’t forget to snap my favorite glasses, Oakley Livestrong Jawbone special edition. It’s really stylist and sporty and I fall for it after I saw my friend, Jason owning one. It’s really cool-looking when Jason puts it on. Besides, Jason helped the cancer patients when he bought this pair of glasses as Oakley donates $20 USD to the Lance Armstrong Foundation which helps in the fight against cancer on every sale of Oakley Livestrong series. Unfortunately it’s too expensive for me to get one.

Speaking of Henry, he is always being helpful and faithful to friends. It’s nice hanging out with Henry as he has good sense of humor and always tells jokes, however sometimes ‘rated’. We are friends since our childhood and we also studied in the same secondary school together. Our family know each other for long too; during the old days, my grandpa owned a watch and clock store in the old street of Bunga Raya and next to one of the oldest optical shops in Melaka, Kong Wah optical shop which owned by Henry’s family. Henry probably has his father gene of being a sociable person and a good businessman.

Having a friend like Henry puts a smile on my face every day. Thanks to Henry and I hope that our friendship will continue to grow and be mutually rewarding for many years to come. May everyone be happy. Sharing a few shots I took on that day:

Baba Pongteh

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Baba Pongteh by Jason

Baba Pongteh by Jason

When we speak of Nyonya dishes we are first to think of Nyonya Pongteh. It is basically chicken (ayam in Malay) or pork (babi in Malay) or both, with potatoes and mushroom braised in soybean paste.

If you google for Pongteh recipe on the web, there are heaps of result coming out. However, I tried a few web recipes and did not get the taste expected. The real Pongteh is always made by the authentic Baba (refers to male) and Nyonya (refers to female) folks.

2 months ago, Jason’s mother invited my mother and me to their place and to learn how to cook Pongteh and also for a lunch together. Jason’s mom was guiding and supervising us. Jason was interested in learning too so he did the cooking most of the time while I was helping him to prepare the ingredients.

What I could remember is, about 300g-500g of pork was cooked in water (to remove the strong taste of pork), cooled and cut into pieces. Another 300g-500g of chicken was cut. Ratio 1:1 of shallots and garlic were peeled and chopped, then fried with oil. A few table spoons of Cow brand soybean paste were added to the wok followed by the pork and chicken. Then the Pongteh was fried until we got a strong flavour and the gravy was thick. After that, a bit of water was added and salt, sugar, soy sauce, dark soy sauce were added to taste.

I didn’t take down any notes of the Pongteh we learned to cook; rather I enjoyed eating than cooking. And regrettably I didn’t take any shot of the final product of Pongteh because I couldn’t wait to eat when it was served. It was really delicious. Besides Pongteh, there were other Nyonya dishes cooked by Jason’s mother. They tasted not so different from those I had in Nyonya restaurants, yet as yummy.

Thanks to Jason and his mother for inviting us to their place and teaching me how to cook Pongteh. I would call the Pongteh I had at Jason’s place, the Baba Pongteh, as Jason the Baba cooked it. Below are some of the shots I took while I had time:

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