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All existence would be perfect 完美的存在

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All existence would be perfect - by CJ

All existence would be perfect - by CJ

I remember reading this story from a book:

Once was an Indian guru giving a talk. He said, “Life is perfect, everything is wonderful.”

Speaking of that, a hunchback man in the audience stood up and opposed, “Look at me, guru. I am the evidence of imperfection. I overthrew your statement that life’s perfect. Look at me again, I am a hunchback, I am so ugly, and I am so useless.”

The guru looked at him, said solemnly, “Dear friend, you are the most beautiful hump I’ve ever seen.”

We often feel that we are imperfect and unsatisfy with our current life. In fact, it is based from our own judgment. Open the hearts and all existence would be perfect.