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The Daily Fix Cafe with Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

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The Daily Fix Cafe in Jonker Street Melaka (bottom center : Murphy)

After having the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter from Mac City last month, I can now transfer photos straight from my camera to iPhone or iPad tablet, process them then post directly from iOS.

Last month, after a portrait session at our studio, my good friend Murphy invited me to his newly found favorite spot for coffee, The Daily Fix Cafe. It’s also one of my favorite cafes in Melaka.

I had the Camera Adapter with me to the cafe with Murphy, and my camera too. So I did some captures at the cafe, which is always my thing to jalan-jalan and photograph. Right now, it’s even better! I could transfer the images to my iPad immediately, did some post-processing with Snapseed, a great and free photo editing app from Google. Then share the photo to my Facebook or Instagram directly, while the coffee is still warm. 🙂

Here’s a collage of images taken at the cafe. Try the pandan pancakes, their specialty when you are there, and add on ice-cream to it 🙂

I am Fei Fei. I am 8. I was a stray puppy…

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My name is Fei Fei. I was a stray puppy.

My name is Fei Fei. I was a stray puppy.

‘My name is Fei Fei. I am 8.’

‘I was a stray puppy until I came into CJ’s family. They now have a family and a furry daughter like me.’

‘When I am free, I love to run and swim in the stream nearby. I think slippers are nice to chew.’

‘Cats in the family are my friends. I love more of their dry food than my own food. I’ve stopped many fights between my friends with others.’

‘I love human. Sometimes they can be unpredictable yet they are very obedient. When I sit, they will give me their hand and say, ‘hand’. In return, I give them a good hand shake.’

‘I can be fierce sometimes when I see strangers in the neighborhood. I saved my mom once for being robbed at the house. I too alarmed the neighbors when someone tried to break in their cars.’

‘Because of me, my family no longer feel lonely. Because of me, they feel safe and loved. Because of me, they have new pairs of slipper always.’

‘There are many me on the streets. Please bring them home with compassion, they will lovEE you and become your good friends and family.’ 🙂

KLCC Sky Bridge

KLCC Sky Bridge’s first visit

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KLCC Sky Bridge (iPadgraphy)

KLCC Sky Bridge (iPadgraphy)

A see-through window on the top of the bridge (iPadgraphy)

A see-through window on the top of the bridge (iPadgraphy)

During an event photography coverage at the Grand Hyatt Hotel KL, the guests were invited to the Malaysian Petroleum Club Restaurant of KLCC for dinner. Most of guests were from overseas and thus they were too invited to to tour the Sky Bridge linked the two towers for the evening KL’s view before meal.

Guests were divided in few groups to access to the Sky Bridge, and we as the event photographers had to stand by at the bridge for each group’s visit. We were glad that we could stay longer at the bridge and enjoy the magnificent view of KL’s evening from the 42nd floor. Our lovely first experience!

May all bEE happy! 🙂

Hazy Melaka - view from the Shore (iPhonegraphy)

Hazy Melaka

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Hazy Melaka - view from the Shore (iPhonegraphy)

Hazy Melaka – view from The Shore (iPhonegraphy)

A nice aerial view of Malaka River and Jalan Munshi Abdullah snapped from highest floor of The Shore Melaka on its opening day. Melaka was covered in haze during the week.

Have a lovely day. May all beings bEE happy. 🙂