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[caption id="attachment_4536" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="sunset view at the north side of Pulau Melaka"]sunset view at the north side of Pulau Melaka[/caption] After doing the sunset photography at the Portuguese Settlement last week, I decided to try again yesterday. The weather was acceptable during evening, clear sky yet windy. I traveled to Pulau Melaka, a man-made island in Melaka and headed to the north side of the island. Driving into the bush and I found a good spot to view the sunset.  [caption id="attachment_4539" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="dusk arrived and two men were fishing at the beach of Pulau Melaka"]dusk arrived and two men were fishing at the beach of Pulau Melaka[/caption] The spot seems like a small bay where the beach is partially surrounded by rocks and concretes. There were only a few people fishing there when I arrived. It was high tide and the tide was flowing which left me a little room of the beach to setup the gears. Shame to say that the beach was full of rubbish such as plastic bags, bottles, straws, and food wrappers, which I had to clear those junks to obtain clean shots. The precious golden hour was short and luckily I managed to try some shots with different settings. The shots turned up to be alright but not quite what I expected. I wish to try the shots again during low tide. Soon after dusk, I headed back home. Please beware if you go to the north side of the island: when the tide set in, part of the drive way will be flooded and your vehicle will get stuck in that area for hours before the tide ebbs. Sharing some of the shots I took. May all being be happy.

[caption id="attachment_4492" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption="2010 anti-bullfighting demonstration in Pamplona (photograph by Matt Goldsmith)"][/caption] Before the drunken partiers filled Pamplona's streets today (6th July 2010) to kick off the annual Running of the Bulls tormenting of bulls, scores of animal defenders from PETA U.K. and the Spanish animal rights group AnimaNaturalis creatively banded together to put the bulls' perspective in the picture. During this annual celebration of torture, bulls are jabbed with prods and sharp sticks to whip them into a frenzy. Then the panicking animals are stampeded through crowds of people, slipping and stumbling on the wine-soaked cobblestone streets. The exhausted bulls...

[caption id="attachment_4473" align="aligncenter" width="359" caption="陈德政有幸遇上一些无私授教的啟蒙老师,让他感受到摄影艺术的浓厚“人情味”。(图:星洲日报)"][/caption] 陈德政在摄影的路上,有幸遇上一些啟蒙老师,他们无私地传授摄影技巧和心得、用心提拔新人的精神,让他这位后辈感受到摄影艺术的浓厚“人情味”。 陈德政是怡保人,49岁,从事全销生意。他於15年前开始和摄影结缘,全因偶然机会下认识了黎兴这位前辈。 一次他去一家摄影器材店选购相机,由於对摄影一窍不通,不知如何下手挑选。这时黎兴刚好在那裡,就对他指点一番。 当时的初相识,促成了这段师徒缘。当时他和黎兴聊得很起劲,也让他对摄影產生浓厚的兴趣。 就这样,他和黎兴成了好朋友,并通过他认识了摄影家符国建和其他摄影好手。

[caption id="attachment_4434" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="the Kristang fishermen couples on the boat"]the Kristang fishermen couples on the boat[/caption] When the Portuguese conquered Melaka back in the 16th century, some of the soldiers married with the local Malay women and for some possibly Indian or Chinese. And their decendants, who is called Kristang ethnic founded their own settlement in 1930s by purchasing 11 hectares of land in Ujong Pasir with the purpose of creating a haven for scattered Kristang and their culture. Initially the fishing village was known as Saint John's village. It was a swampy land with 10 wooden houses with earth floors and attap roofs built. The villagers live along the coast as fishermen and soon the village attracted additional Kistang from all over Malaysia. The village then grew to become on of Malacca's main tourist attractions today. [caption id="attachment_4437" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="an uncle and auntie were walking along the walkway of Portuguese Settlement"]an uncle and auntie were walking along the walkway of Portuguese Settlement[/caption] Portuguese Settlement is very near to my house, 5 minutes drive away. I remember when I was young I'd love to cycle there with my friends often to visit our Kristang friends living there. Their homes had the shore right behind them and there was a long jetty built of rows of plank supported by stilts constructed as platform for the fishers to dock and undock. It always seemed to be collapsing, yet a beautiful and scenic place for us to hang out. Today we can no longer seeing the wooden jetty. Recent reclamation project in Malacca extended the shore of Portuguese Settlement, creating new land, building a hotel, replaced the wooden jetty with a cement paved walkway and a new stretch of seafood restaurants which offer delicious Portuguese style seafood. As a result of this the standard of living of the villagers is improving. However, the villagers no longer enjoy a sea front view of the Straits of Malacca behind their homes. [caption id="attachment_4446" align="alignright" width="400" caption="the sun was going down"]the sun was going down[/caption] Today while having some free time in the afternoon, I rang up Angel Wee to shoot sunset photos and I provided her with two options which were Portuguese Settlement and the Eye of Malaysia. She happily agreed to join and chose Portuguese Settlement for the shooting location as the place is not too far from her house compared to the Eye of Malaysia. We arrived there in a good time and spent an hour snapping the photos the sunset there, really beautiful sky with layers of hues blending in complexity above the horizon. Besides we were also getting some shots of the new jetty walkway and the people there. Lucky to have met two lovely and friendly little girls who were from China and came here to visit, they were curious on what we were doing. Angel asked them to be our models as they were really cute and photogenic and they couldn’t resist. Soon it came to dusk when the sun disappeared below the horizon. We ended our shooting session with a sweet and sour mango juice bought from one of the stalls of the seafood restaurants. It tasted so good and refreshing, and it cheered up the beginning of a beautiful night. The whole shooting session was pleasant and I learned so many things from Angel. I really loved some of her shots she took with nice lighting effects and good composition. Thanks to Angel for being my company and my teacher, and I hope we have a chance to go for another phototaking again. May all beings be happy. Sharing some of my shots:

[caption id="attachment_4408" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="an abondoned fishing boat sighted beside Sungai Duyung"]an abondoned fishing boat sighted beside Sungai Duyung[/caption]

Muara Sungai Duyung is the river mouth for fishing activities in Permatang Pasir, Melaka. This is where you can see many fishing boats docking and undocking and also purchase varieties of fresh catches from the sea of the day. Towards the end of the river there is a hidden treasure where fresh, delicious and inexpensive ikan bakar (Malay, meaning baked fish) can be found.

The place is not far from Melaka Town compared to other famous seafood places in Melaka such as Anjung Batu, Alai and Umbai: you will be able to reach there for a 20 minutes drive from Bandar Hilir. Just drive along Padang Temu Road and you will find a river named Sungai Duyung. Turn to your right after the river and drive on the gravel road along the river to the end, then you will see the place. There are only two seafood restaurants at Muara Sungai Duyung so it’s not difficult to locate them. It takes me 10 minutes drive from my house to Sungai Duyung though I don't go there often to have seafood. Nevertheless, my good friend, Henry Lee invited me to have some seafood last Sunday and I happened to discover a good spot here for photo shooting. And I did it today. It was hot this afternoon. I'd decided to click on the dusty shutter again since I had my last shooting quite some time ago. Driving alone to Sungai Duyung, I then drove along the river and stopped at a few spots to take some shots. It was a bit scary to shoot alone beside the river after I saw a yellow sign board written in Malay, which means: Please don't disturb or hurt the crocodiles if you happen to see one in this area. They will not do harm if they are not offended. Kindly contact the authority if you see someone harming the crocs. 

It sounded scary yet how I wished I could see one so that I can take some photos of the croc. Unfortunately I did not sight any. I saw some monitor lizards along the river and my car was nearly run over a two-meter one which ran across the gravel road when I drove. Both the lizard and I got a shock. I made an emergency break while it jumped speedily into the river.

[caption id="attachment_4388" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="a little monitor lizard fleeing away from the camera"]a little monitor lizard fleeing away from the camera[/caption] It was sunny yet the view there was really good and serene with attap houses and coconuts trees. There were also some fishermen I met when I stopped my car and walked along the river. They were resting and ready to head out to the sea to make a living.  These friendly fishermen waved hello to me when they saw me. However, it’s sad to see that this place is being developed as I could see. And soon this fishing settlement will be vanished and transformed to a residential area. Before then, it was good for me to take some shots of Sungai Duyung to keep evidences of its scenic views. I spent an hour there before I headed back to town and I really enjoyed this tour-and-shoot session. Share some shots I took: