[News] Russian oligarch to donate fortune to charity

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'Large inheritances can kill heirs.' -Vladimir Potanin (Photo from http://dc-epaper.com)

'Large inheritances can kill heirs.' -Vladimir Potanin (Photo from http://dc-epaper.com)

Hyderabad, Feb. 3: Following the footseps of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin plans to donate his entire fortune after his death, the Russian agency RIA Novosti quoted Mr Potanin from an interview with The Financial Times.

The Russian Tycoon says, “Large inheritances can kill heirs,” adding “a million [dollars] handed over

from inheritance helps a person to receive a good education, find employment without haste and find himself. A transferred billion [dollars] kills him and deprives him of the sense of life”.

He made his fortune during the loans-for-shares auctions in the mid-1990s when Russia’s cash-strapped government sold the country’s biggest industrial assets for a song, Mr Potanin he had not made up his mind yet on specific charitable projects. He has a daughter and two sons.

His step comes after repeated requests by the Russian President, Mr Dmitry Medvedev, and the Prime Minister, Mr Vladimir Putin, urging businessmen to spend money on charitable projects.

“My children are growing up, their father is a billionaire and a well-known guy. They, for one, are in my shadow, and secondly what motivation in life do they have to achieve something?” he said.

“In this sense, I consider it a very correct step to hand over one’s fortune for the service of society and not for inheritance. I am going to follow the example of (Bill) Gates and (Warren) Buffet.”

[source: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/business/russian-donates-21bn-380]
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李茂东先生在鸡场街“春暖人间 家家贴春联”活动现场画竹

李茂东先生在鸡场街“春暖人间 家家贴春联”活动现场画竹


李茂东先生 - 水墨梅花 (更新和更正:这并非李茂东先生的作品,而是一位学生画的)


李茂东先生 - 双鹤报喜


春暖人间、家家贴春联 – 序幕
春暖人间,家家贴春联 – 春联义卖
Meet the young artists – Chinese calligraphy for Bachang St John’s Dialysis center

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肾脏疾病是指肾小球、肾小管、肾间质及肾血管的疾病,其中常见的有 急性肾炎、慢性肾炎、急进性肾炎、隐匿性肾炎、肾病综合征及尿路感染等。上述各种疾病不断发展,在后期可出现慢性肾功能衰竭。

目前世界上超过5亿人患有不同的肾脏疾病,每年超过百万人死于与慢性肾脏病相关连的心脑血管疾病。慢性肾脏病已成为继心脑血管病、肿瘤、糖尿病之后又一个威胁人类健康的重要疾病,成为全球性公共卫生问题。肾病是我国(中国)的常见和多发病,发病率约占总人群的5%,且多见于儿童和青少年。由于肾脏病变的发展和恶化。每年全国有10万以上的尿毒症患者过早地离开了人世。正在严重地威胁着 全国人民的身体健康,成为重要的“隐形杀手”。

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肾脏病患者Arlene Ejercito(非本文病患者),图自http://www.hospitalnews.com

肾脏病患者Arlene Ejercito(非本文病患者),图自http://www.hospitalnews.com












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Escaping mind by CJ

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Escaping mind by CJ

Escaping mind by CJ

I always ask myself: “Why is it everything changes?” In fact, that is how life is. In modern science, we know nothing at all has lasting characteristic. At subatomic level, everything is changing. We are impermanent, and the influences of changes are also impermanent. There is nothing solid or lasting.

If we sit quietly and introspect our mind, it is constantly changing too.

I read from a book, says: The cells of our body are dying, the neurons in our brain are decaying, even the expression on our face is always changing, depending on our mood.  What we call our basic character is only a “mind stream,” nothing more.

Do we have any idea what we are going to think or feel next? Look at a thought of ours: it comes, it stays, and it goes. The past is past, the future not yet arisen, and even the present thought, as soon as I mention it, it becomes the past. What is gone is gone. What has not come is unpredictable. The only thing we really have is now!

There is a traditional practice of meditation which is bringing our mind home and to become aware of the present moment.

Sit in a posture which is comfortable to you and would not hurt your back. Close your eyes and turn your attention to breathing. You observe the air coming in your nostrils and the air going out your nostrils. You are training your mind in the art of living, to learn how to live in the present moment.

It is nothing magical. Observing your breathing and be with it, as it is: live in the present. As you do that, you will realize the mind wanders away because of its old habit pattern, and again you bring it back to the present moment. Turn your attention back to your breathing.

Another thing you will notice: the mind wanders in the past or it wanders in the future. There are only two types of thoughts that keep coming: pleasant or unpleasant. Whether it’s a pleasant or unpleasant thought of the past or the future, accept the fact that your mind wanders away. As soon as you realize it, bring your attention back to your breathing.

As you become more mindful of your breathing, you will find that you become more and more present, gather all your scattered aspects back into yourself and become whole.

It is useful to do at least a 30 minutes sitting everyday. Some people might think sitting for 30 minutes without doing anything is a waste of time and worry they might become inactive or inert. In fact, a sitting like this will make us more aware on the present moment and make us more concentrating on what we are doing. When we are doing something, sometimes our mind wanders away and this is the practice of bringing our mind back.

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Danny Koh and Justine Toh wedding dinner

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Congratulation to Danny Koh and Justine Toh
Congratulation to Danny Koh and Justine Toh

In the middle of January, I was invited to Danny Koh and Justine Toh’s wedding dinner at the Avillion Legacy Melaka. It was a very sweet wedding dinner especially when the photo slideshow from the time they met and shared every special moments together was presented to the guests.

Danny and Justine, my sincere congratulations on this auspicious event of yours. Bellow are some of the shots I took during the wedding dinner:

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