Pudu street photography for the first time

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morning reading at Pudu's street

morning reading at Pudu's street

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure to meet up with Robin Wong and Chun-Chow in Kuala Lumpur together with Fred and Kenn-Wai. It was drizzling early morning when we left Kelana Jaya where we stayed at the place of Kenn-Wai’s sister. However and it turned out to be clear and sunny sky when we arrived at Pudu LRT station. The weather was really unpredictable in KL.

Even though I always took bus from Pudu bus station back to Melaka when I studied in KL, I didn’t know the place well. Robin does so he became our guide that morning. He first brought us to have a delicious Hakka noodle breakfast. As soon as we were done, so called shutter therapy session by Robin had begun.

Robin got us in the alleys, to the dry and wet markets. We were amazed by how lively the area was, and it was full of locals and foreign workers. Though we hardly see tourist over there. Most of the people there were nice even though some might not seem to be. I guess that’s the reason why Robin loved the place so much for street photography. We just discovered the other face of KL. We got to learn from Robin how he approached the crowd and captured the people so close.

Robin and Chun-Chow are experienced street photographer and familiar with the place. They knew exactly when and where to press the shutter. It was just their instinct. Fred, Kenn-Wai and I also tried to get some nice shots of the street but we rather enjoyed our walk with jokes until we reached the wet market at about 11:00 am. We couldn’t stand the strong smell of the market place under the hot sun so we threaded our way through the market quickly.

The photography session was smooth and everyone had fun. we decided to go Bukit Bintang area to take some shots of the Christmas decoration and atmosphere. While making our way to Time Square, we stopped by Pudu Plaza to have a break and share our captures with each other. Everybody gained valuable experience and intuitive knowledge in street photography from others.

May all beings by happy. Share some shots of the Pudu area:

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  • Robin says:

    Hello CJ !!
    First of all, it was my pleasure to bring you all to the beautiful streets in KL !! there is so much life and happening, and perhaps we shall cover more next time you come to shoot again.
    Secondly, wow !! Those are very nice shots you have. I like your composition, they are very unique to yourself, and the way you see those subjects as being interesting and valuable really shows in your photos. We all have much to learn from each other.
    I can’t wait to shoot in Melaka again !!!

  • cj says:

    hi robin, thanks for your visit and bringing us around in KL last year. it was really fun. hehe

    thanks for the like, still have to learn from you. i like your recent wedding photos. the shots were just simple, direct and authentic!

    really looking forward for another shooting in KL, or perhaps in melaka with you? come here and jalan-jalan makan-makan.

    happy new year ! 🙂

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