RM400 of Chinese New Year couplets for 2011

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juesatta awakening foundation logo (draft)

Early this month, the organising committees of Chun Nuan Ren Jian, Jia Jia Tie Chun Lian (春暖人间、家家贴春联) handed an amount of RM90,000 donation to St John Bachang Haemodialysis Centre. This amount of money was collected from the sale of Chinese New Year couplets prior to Chinese New Year of this year.

The event which held annually is a great success. Over the 8 years, this fundraising event has collected a total amount of RM567,000. Most of the volunteers were Chinese calligraphers consisted of senior citizens and students actively helping to write the couplets and promote to the public.

Besides promoting Chinese calligraphy and encouraging Chinese households to paste couplets on the gateposts or door panels, every year the event aims to support St. John Bachang Haemodialysis Centre, an NGO which charges only RM10 per dialysis treatment for patients who suffer from kidney disease. The money collected from the sale will be donated to the centre and help to ease the finance burdens.

During the handing over of the donation to centre, the organizing committees expressed gratitude to all who volunteered for the event and to public including schools and societies who showed their great supports. Without such support, the event could not be as successful.

And here in juesatta, we helped to promote the Chinese couplets too as of last year. We would like to thank to our friends for the support as we managed to collect an amount of RM400 from the sale of the Chinese couplets. The fund collected here had been handed to the organising committees in March.

Once again thank you and may all beings be happy.

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