Sharing session by Cristjen Lai at Plat Kitchen

By June 7, 2016Life Journal, Photography
Sharing by Cristjen Lai at Plat Kitchen

Sharing by Cristjen Lai at Plat Kitchen (top left : Cristjen)

After an event shoot at A’Famosa Resort Malacca early this month, we made a quick drive back to Plat Kitchen in town. There was a sharing session by Cristjen Lai, a travel-artist who born in England and travels around the globe.

I first saw Cristjen’s work was the exhibition of his works at The Baboon House 2-3 years back. His drawing of portraits which emphasize the eyes of subjects really captured my attention. Now we had a chance to attend his talk.

There were also Max the travel-musician from Melaka andĀ Silvia from Italy, these two artists sharing their travel experiences after Cristjen’s. We were late after covering the event, and yet managed to cut into the last session by Silvia, joining our friends Brendon and Avex who were already there.

Even though we missed the sharing by Cristjen and Max, we later on had a quick chat with him. We were told about his background, that he had been traveling and staying in Melaka for about a year already. He will be leaving Melaka soon to other places in the end of month. That was why he decided to do a sharing with fellow Malaccans before he leaves.

We talked about his decision of life too. He was a top student and gave out his medicine degree study to pursue his dream in art and travel around the globe, despite there was objection from the family. The reason of it – passion. He took the path where his heart told him to, doing what he really loves to.

Additionally, there are a couple of projects which are going on, initiated by Cristjen. One of them is to encourage children to draw, and hold exhibition for them. Truly inspiring and encouraging!

Big thanks to Plat Kitchen for hosting the sharing session. And thank you again Cristjen for sharing your experience and inspiration with us, we wish you all the best in your future journey.

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