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Cindy + Argen = 7th year

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7th year, Cindy and Argen

7th year, Cindy and Argen

True love is an awesome thing to witness.

Few months back, Cindy and Argen had got themselves a night stay in A’Farmosa Resort of Malacca. They also celebrated their 7th anniversary they both got together.

Cindy and Argen always wanted to have a couples photo album, recording their sweet memories. They invited Kenn-Wai and I to photograph and produce a special album for them during their stay in the resort.

We arrived in the afternoon and spent an hour in the villa and the next hour at the golf course just before sunset. The whole session was very pleasant filled with of frivolity and laughter.

Thank you so much, Cindy and Argen. Please do not forget your first dates, cherish each other and the happiness will always be with you! Happy seventh anniversary to the both of you!

May all beings be happy. Sharing the lovely moments,