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A beautiful melody – piano performance by Stephen Tang

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Stephen Tang at Jason's house

Stephen Tang at Jason's house

The day when my friend, Stephen Tang played the song, Ni Zhi Dao Wo Zai Deng Ni Ma (“Do you know I am waiting for you?” in Chinese) with the piano at Jason’s house, he then continued to perform another song with beautiful melody taught by Pastor John he met long ago.

Although Stephen later told us that he did not know the name of the song, he loved its rhythm, a fast yet sort of a mystical beat. Even Jason was interested to learn to play it; he stood next to Stephen and watched how Stephen’s fingers fluttering across the keys.

I recorded the play and share with friends here in juesatta. Stephen promised to play the song Shang Hai Tan, a well-known TV series theme song back in 80s, so I hope I have a chance to record the next play and share again.

Thanks to Stephen for performing such a beautiful melody. May all beings be happy.