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Siew-Chen + Melvin = j.u.s.t. m.a.r.r.i.e.d.

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actual wedding day photography in Melaka

Congratulations to Siew-Chen and Melvin

Another brilliant day with Siew-Chen and Melvin in early June this year. We, Kenn-Wai, Fred, Brendon and I had the pleasure to photograph and video-shoot their big day.

On the lovely morning, we found ourselves with a pretty bride and her attractive bridesmaids wearing beautiful Cheong Sam. And the guys weren’t bad either; groom was smart looking in black Zhong Shan Zhuang while the brothers were wearing Chinese Tang Suit.

Both Siew-Chen and Melvin play band and sometimes perform in public. This explained why they and their friends were so sporting and happening on that day especially during the door games to pick up the bride.  The guys had to finish up the girls’ secret recipe bitter gourd juice, specially made extra spicy sausages, and lastly the ladies’ favorite, cicada pudding. These so-called food would definitely get into the Top 10 Most Gross and Disgusting Food in weddings.

The wedding kiss happened after Melvin read up and signed a marriage contract, a loving yet unequal treaties I would say. Then he and the brothers sang the song “If I Have A Million Dollar”, kind a funny song to please the bride before he was allowed to enter the room and kissed the bride.

Soon after the tea ceremony at Melvin’s place, they went to their new house and Siew-Chen changed from her white wedding gown to a red traditional Kwa, a heavily embroidered formal Chinese wedding gown. Then she had an ornate headdress on and looked gorgeous.

The fun carried on into the night. The reception was held at LTP Restaurant Melaka. Siew-Chen’s mom spiced up the night by giving a few songs on the stage and drew large applause from the guests. And now we know where Siew-Chen’s beautiful voice comes from.

Thanks to Siew-Chen and Melvin for having us on your special day. Congratulation and may the singing of enjoyment be along with you, may the life in the following year filled with joyance and happiness, and may you have a wonderful new life togEEther!

May all beings bEE happy. Sharing some shots taken on the day and hope you enjoy.

Shin-Yee + Jun-Liang = j.u.s.t. m.a.r.r.i.e.d.

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Congratulation to Shin-Yee and Jun-Liang!

Congratulation to Shin-Yee and Jun-Liang!

It was an afternoon filled with happy moments of the sweet couple Shin-Yee and Jun-Liang, and all invited guests. The wedding luncheon was held at SKT Banquet Restaurant in Muar and it was simply beautiful, simple and full of laughters.

I really enjoyed when the bride and groom performed the Chinese song ‘I will marry you today’ (今天你要嫁给我) by David Tao and Jolin Tsai. It was so sweet. Later some of the relatives and friends were performing on stage too and just simply having fun.

Congratulations Shin-Yee and Jun-Liang! Thank you for sharing your wedding day. May your marriage bring you both the exquisite excitements a marriage should bring, and may life grant you also patience, tolerance, and understanding.

May all beings bEE happy. Sharing some shots of the reception,

Sum-Ying + Thai-Boon = j.u.s.t. m.a.r.r.i.e.d.

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Congratulation to Sum-Ying and Thai-Boon!

Congratulation to Sum-Ying and Thai-Boon!

I was busy recently and didn’t keep up the pace with wedding shooting update. Happy Labor Day to all.

Right, Thai-Boon and I were classmate during secondary school. We didn’t keep in touch after we went for tertiary study. Until last year I started using FaceBook, we contacted again.

We then met up in March, together with his lovely partner Sum Ying, and I was invited to shoot on their big day. It was a great honour to witness and photograph a good friend wedding.

On their wedding day, Brendon and I worked together to capture the wonderful and genuine moments of the sweet bride, groom and their family and friends. When the Thai-Boon and brothers went to pick the bride, they had to go through a few door games ‘designed’ by the sisters. It turned out to be hilarious later especially during the game with Wasabi, where one had to eat the Wasabi spread on a part of another person’s body.

After the wedding ceremony, we went to Heeren Street for a short outdoor shooting session with the couple before everyone headed back to rest and ready for the evening reception held at Restaurant Lu Yeh Yen. Everything was gorgeous and fantastic on that day and I got to meet many old friends during the reception.

A beautiful wedding full of laughters. Happy wedding to you Thai-Boon and Sum-Ying, and thanks for inviting Brendon and I to be part of your wedding.

May all beings bEE happy. Let the pictures tell the story.

Grace + Hian-Kim = j.u.s.t. m.a.r.r.i.e.d.

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Congratulation to Grace Lee and Hian-Kim!

Congratulation to Grace Lee and Hian-Kim!

We’ve just finished Grace and Hian-Kim’s photographs from their fabulous wedding at Melaka in early March.  On the fourth day of March, Kenn-Wai, Fred, Steve and I were invited to document the wedding for our friend, Bear Lee’s sister, Grace and her charming man Hian-Kim.

We started to photograph early morning at Grace’s place. Grace just looked gorgeous with the great work of Nini the markup artist.

The evening reception was held at Hotel Equatorial Melaka. Stunning environment, joyful guests and wonderful bands just made the dinner very special.

Both Grace and Hian-Kian are very sweet couple. We were honoured to capture their big day. Thanks and congratulation to the both of them.

May all beings be happy.

Saying NO to shark fin soup on weddings

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我不吃鱼翅 (google image)

我不吃鱼翅 (google image)

Shark fin soup symbolizes generosity and good fortune, which also has become an expected component of Chinese weddings. In fact, shark fins are tasteless and may contain high levels of toxic methtl-mercury, which can damage to human central nervous system and causes birth defects in infants.

Harvest of shark fins is the destruction of shark populations around the world and causing untold damage to the oceans. By removing large numbers of these top predators from our oceans, it destabilizes the whole ecosystem and has a detrimental effect on the marine environment and our fish stocks.

The high market demand for shark fin is currently the main driver of unsustainable fishing for sharks globally. No demand no supply! We can do our part by saying NO to shark fin soup during wedding banquets, and encouraging our friends or family who are getting married to exclude shark fin soup from the menu.

May all beings be happy.


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During Chinese New Year, Kenn-Wai and I went for an outdoor portrait shooting of Xuan-Er, a friend of Kenn to resume our photography job for this new year. It had been a year since I photographed model so I had to thank Kenn for making the arrangement.

The weather on that day was very good, bright and sunny, which was very suitable for outdoor. So we went a paddy field away from town with Xuan-Er and began the session.

Xuan-Er had a simple and milky white wedding gown on and she looked gorgeous. Although she wasn’t feeling good, she did a fabulous job and gave us her very best in the shooting. We really appreciated everything.

The shooting went well and we stopped after sunset. Thanks to Kenn and Xuan-Er for the great time together we had.

Sharing some of the shots. May all beings be happy.