The proposal, Chee-Seong and Cindy

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Melaka proposal video

Congratulation to Cindy and Chee-Seong!

The proposal, Chee Seong + Cindy

The proposal, Chee Seong + Cindy

After nine years, Chee-Seong decided to take a big step forward in life with Cindy.

I know Chee Seong for years and he is always a caring and daring person. His first idea would be to propose in public, to give something unforgettable for Cindy. After hearing the good news from him, I was so happy and congratulated him. So I talked to Kenn-Wai and decided to give our support to Chee-Seong. The whole thing was but to keep it secret from Cindy.

After planning the surprise proposal, we invited their friends and family to gather at the concierge of Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Mall Melaka on last Saturday. And Cindy was otherwise didn’t know anything about this, but was only invited shop there with the sisters.

So the whole thing followed by Chee-Seong making a sudden appear on the stage with roses and singing a song of theirs when she was shopping at the concierge, just like what happened in the video. He gave her a really wonderful surprise, touched the heart of the bride-to-be and filled her eyes with tears.

And the answer was YES!

Congratulation to the lovely couple, Cindy and Chee-Seong. May the lovEE you share always continue to shine. As you look forward to all you’re dreaming of, may you be blessed with love and happiness forever!

Enjoy the video (watch HD version on Vimeo, or alternatively on YouTube) here as much as we do.

Have a lovely evening and may all beings bEE happy.

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